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First Saigon Taxi

Here is a picture of the very first Saigon Taxi. A 2 cylinder, 12 HP, 1903 Ford Model A.

First Saigon Taxi

This photograph was taken in 1911 in Saigon.

I’ve got a lawn mower with more horse power then this Taxi – LOL.

I wonder how fast it went *blazing* through the streets of Saigon.

A lot different from the Taxi’s in Saigon when we all were there in the 1950s and 1960s. But it does appear to have had more *seat* space then those little tiny Taxi’s we rode around in. I’ve yet to figure out how we could cram 6-8 of us guys into one of those little Renault’s – LOL – it just doesn’t seem possible.

Do you remember your first Taxi ride in Saigon?

What was your wildest Taxi ride in Saigon?

What is your most memorable *Taxi Experience* while in Saigon?

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2 comments to First Saigon Taxi

  • brooks toland kasson

    most memorable taxi ride:
    feeling oh, so smart and sophisticated, i spent a bit of my 15th birthday riding around in a taxi, drinking johnny walker red.

  • Kathy Connor Dobronyi

    I remember when a Renault taxi stopped on my mother’s foot as she and my father waited in the road in front of our house on Yen Do Street. The driver didn’t realize what had happened nor why my parents were so upset. They were meeting friends for dinner at My Canh flating restaurant. The problems didn’t end in the street. My mother later discovered that her friend was diagnosed with trichanosis from the poorly cooked pork she ate that night.

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