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Frank Stoddard and Son Silas Donate Deceased Brothers’ Power Wheel Chair

Submitted by Frank Stoddard (ACS)

Frank and Silas Stoddard Donate Deceased Brothers Wheel Chair

Frank and Silas Stoddard Donate Deceased Brothers Wheel Chair

2 comments to Frank Stoddard and Son Silas Donate Deceased Brothers’ Power Wheel Chair

  • Suellen Campbell

    Such an awesome gift, Frank. I wish more folks would take the time to pass useful items along. My dad’s light-weight wheelchair is being used now by another friend’s 96 year-old mom, and she loves the maneuverability it provides her. Saving another person the expense of purchasing needed medical equipment is such a gift to them and their families.
    May Adrienne “rock on” to walking status soon. She looks determined and happy!
    I know how good this feels for you, too, Frank. Silas has a very thoughtful brother.

  • mr. carol cini

    I don’t remember you but am impressed by your compassion. If only all the rest of us in the world could follow your example. Being new to this wonderful web site, I am not sure as to communicate with all of your. I am writing a memoir which includes my experiences in Saigon from 1962-1964. It was a chapter in my life which I will never forget. I remember you Tony with your short sleeve shirts being wrapped up in your arms (can’t remember whether you had a pack of cigarettes in one of the sleeves). In the meantime, I wanted to touch base with the following as you were part of my life:
    1. Carol York – my first steady and I will never forget the joys we had together. I remember when your Dad grounded you for three weeks when he caught at the movies kissing five rows in front of him.
    2. Ricky Buchanan – Do you remember our experience on the golf course when the coup d’état against Diem started in 1963?
    3. Barbara Bready – I will always remember the photograph with your notes on the back regarding your injury when you were watching a movie at our American theatre.
    4. There were many other friends but I cannot remember your names or describe fully our experiences. One was the friend where we bought hydrogen balloons. We attached one minute fuses which we let them fly into the atmosphere for about 25 yards where they exploded in a ball of flame.
    When we heard the sirens, we thought it wise to quit and were not recognized or arrested.
    Anyway, glad to be part of the gang. My email is
    Take care and hope to see you at the next reunion.
    Mr. Carol Cini (you can look me up in the yearbook.

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