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Gas and Oil Prices

What is the gas price in your area?

I’m looking for the highest and lowest gas prices. No particular reason, just curious.

The highest I’ve heard so far was $5.60 per gallon, some place in California.

What is the lowest and the highest you’ve heard about?

How has the higher cost of gas effected your driving habits?


2 comments to Gas and Oil Prices

  • Ken

    Prepare for a shock. Today Super was selling for €1.459 a liter which is €5.84 or roughly $9.1688 per gallon (not exact but close enough and no, that is not a typographical error). Diesel was selling for one Euro cent less per liter and the price for Super and Regular are the same now all over Germany. Prices can change several times a day and the prices differ by location in the Hamburg area. The government here makes no effort to control prices because the government collects roughly 51% of the liter price in various taxes….price goes up, more taxes collected, and in Germany, taxes are everything…tax on vehicles, dogs, fishing, hunting, just about everything except the air we breathe. Sales tax is 19% except for very basic food items which is 7%. But life is good…good quality food, restaurants, the autobahns are super once you get used to driving at 90 to 100 MPH.

    Hope you have a good Sunday. Cheers – Ken

  • Admin

    Well that puts USA prices in prespective, now doesn’t it?! LOL

    Here Regular was $3.97 (Wed.), $3.98 (Thur.), $4.01 (Fri.), $4.17 (Sat.), and $4.18/9 today (Sun.) … Interesting how it did a big jump on Friday. Could it have something to do with the 3 day weekend when people travel more .. hmmmm??!!! LOL

    Nah, they wouldn’t raise the prices just cuz of the Holiday weekend … LOL

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