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Gene Taylor Joins Blog

Gene was in Saigon from 1955 to 1957 time frame.

His dad was in the Army with MAAG in Viet-nam.

His family left Viet-nam when he was about 10 years old.

Gene now lives in Texas.

Everyone give Gene a BIG WELCOME!    🙂

Great having you join us Gene. Please feel free to join in the conversations as we all share adventures, experiences and memories of the days of our youth in Southeast Asia.


5 comments to Gene Taylor Joins Blog

  • Phil Gullion

    Welcome Gene! We might have been in school together if you went to the American School. Phil Gullion

    • Gene Taylor

      Phil, was in 3rd & 4th grades at American school between 55 & 57. Mrs. Lavergne was one teacher I remember. She had a daughter, Hillary. My family lived on Rue De Gaulle, later Cong Ly. Am 63 now. Sorry, but do not remember you. What grades were you in?

  • Gene Taylor

    Yes, has been long time since Baltimore. How are you doing? Didn’t I send you pictures of Saigon? Need more?

  • Sue Harper

    Hi. I’m looking for anyone who might remember a French lady called Marie-Claude Stein who was at 278 Gal de Gaulle in the 40s 0r 50s. Would the Gal have been a gallery? She had a private library of books all in the same binding, some of which I have and I’d be interested in knowing more about her. The books ended up in Carlisle, UK!

    • Sue – Gal de Gaulle translates to General De Gaulle. There was a street in Saigon named Rue de Gaulle which was named after Gen. De Gaulle. It could be in the 40s and early 50s some people living in Saigon referred to it as Gal de Gaulle.

      There is a listing on Google for a *Stein, Marie Claude* at 18 r Fontaine de Lattes 34000 MONTPELLIER, in France. Says she is 34 years old. So doubt it would be the same lady, but could be a relative maybe.

      Do you have any additional information to go on? What are the books about?


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