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HAPPY ST. ROY’S DAY – March 23rd


I think it is HAPPY ST ROY’S DAY to-day the 23 rd.

So Happy birthday , la la la, to you Roy! 🙂

xxx mimi

[Happy Birthday Roy … and MANY MANY MORE!!! … 🙂 Bob]

16 comments to HAPPY ST. ROY’S DAY – March 23rd

  • frank

    Roy, Have a terrific Day! Wish we could just go down the street from the Majestic and celebrate your Birthday. We met when we were 16 (candles)…that 65 arrived quickly..but looking at it on the good side…it did arrive! Best Wishes…Frank

  • With Aloha to the guy who made it happen! Thanks again and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Bonne Anniversaire!

    Leave Sai Gon tomorrow to go north — still in love with this city.

    See you soon,

  • Ken

    Dear Roy, Happy Birthday and may you stay happy and healthy for many more years. All the best.

    And thank you for being one of the main supporters of the SKs with all of your hard work on the website and making the famous and memorable 2009 reunion a reality.

    Take care – Ken

  • ruth blackmore


    Happy Birthday to the Big Guy who kept us all organized. I’m now at the Equatorial Hotel in Cholon. Will be here until the morning of the 25 and then move to the Rex Hotel and on 26 head for Bangkok. Trying to type on an Apple without a mouse so it is a pain in the but to try to fix typos. Thanks so much to you for being on top of all of us to get ourselves organized to get to Saigon. See Deborah is still in town but heading north tomorrow. Was in Hue yesterday but not enough time to visit all the sights. Spent the entire time at the Citadel and Forbidden City. Today was met by tour guide but I was supposed to just go to the hotel and then tour tomorrow. He had it wrong so I had to do a tour today straight off the airplane and without any lunch. When I said I needed something to eat, he stopped at a local restaurant in Cholon at the corner of two busy streets and very open air. Was a real joint which he said was very clean and good. One look at the floor told me otherwise. Hope I don’t get the you know whats prior to plane trip on 26. Take care and maybe some day when I’m in Florida I’ll make it over to the East coast.


  • RandySeely

    Roy…Thanks for all you’ve done to make the SK website the joyful oasis of memories it has become! Even though I couldn’t be there with everyone, it was so much fun to experience the various places everyone got to visit, igniting some wonderful memories for us along the way. I wish you a very happy birthday…and best wishes for many more! Randy

  • Cathie McIntyre


    Happy Birthday! Without your encouragement and hard work, the Vietnam trip wouldn’t have happened. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there with you guys, but my trip is on the “someday” list.

    Here’s to many more years of good times and cheer,

    Cathie Mc

  • Happy Birthday, Roy! I’ll be hitting my 65th in May, so have had to enroll in Medicare. Sorry that Yen and I weren’t able to make it to the Saigon reunion, but we should be getting over there sometime in the next few years, as some of her family still live in Saigon (two of her brothers). I made the decision to retire at the end of this school year, so we will be leaving our home in San Antonio for our kids to manage and will be moving to the Mississippi coast.

    Hope you have a great birthday, and thanks for all that you do to keep us in touch with all our schoolmates.

    Mike and Yen Dunn

  • C. Drachnik

    Have a Great One!!!

  • claude

    Very happy birthday and a lot more to come
    XXXXX Claude

  • Mary Lou Berven

    Happy Birthday to such a fun-loving guy. Whether it was singing karaoke, riding around Saigon looking for our old houses, or imbibing Ba Muoi Ba at the M Bar, all of us who made it to the 2009 reunion owe you a great deal for making it such a success. Jeff and I just returned yesterday after spending our last night at the Rex for old times sake. One could say that we just moved from one rooftop bar to another . . . Have a great time celebrating your big day, Roy!

  • Sarah Rogers

    Have a great day Roy and thanks for all the memories. Kathleen and I are in Manila enjoying the lovely Manila Hotel We will toast you in the Tap Room here at the hotel.
    Sarah and Kathleen

  • Bobbie Sheehan Mauch

    I hope you have had a wonderful Birthday Roy. Thank you so much for allowing those of us at home to go on this journey with all the Saigon Kids! It was wonderful.

  • frank

    Just walked in the door of our humble Arizona abode! Good to be home…But Roy, Thanks for the great time and more wonderful (but even newer) memories of Saigon.!!! We would have never done it without you!

  • Susie Stann

    Happy Birthday, Roy, and thank you again for such a memorable time.
    Yours in geckos forever,

  • David Henry

    All the best on your birthday, Roy. Keep the beat going… David

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