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Here’s what I’ve been doing lately :-)

“When I’m not marketing or blogging …”

In case anyone was wondering why I haven’t posted on the blog for several days …

I’ve been taking a break from the computer while enjoying indulgence in one of my many and varied interests and passions … namely, making custom furniture. Yep, I’ve been out in the wood shop playing in the saw dust making furniture. I find wood working to be relaxing while at the same time allowing me to (over) indulge in my creative side … lol

Awhile back a little church in a rural town in Northwest Missouri (population 142) commissioned me to make all new furniture for the church. Including Altar, Deacons Bench, Presider (Pontiff) Chair, Ambo, Candle Pedestals, Tabernacle Pedestal, Baptismal Font Pedestal, Cruets Table, Statue Pedestals, Gospel Book Holder, Candelabra Pedestals, Advent Candle Holder, and Music Board … 22 pieces in all.

Here’s a picture of a couple of the pieces …

Presider Chair

This is the Presider (Pontiff) Chair. It is made from Appalachian red oak inlaid with purple heart wood (the wood is actually a deep purple in color) and golden wood hearts, and decorated with carved and painted grape vines. Then finished with 5 coats of hand rubbed lacquer.

Here’s a picture of the Deacon’s Bench …

Deacon's Bench

Here’s a close up of the grape vine carving …

Grape carving

My those grapes look yummy … kinda makes ya want to pick’em and eat’em … now doesn’t it … lol

The church project has been very rewarding and fun. I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I’ve got 3 more pieces to finish on this project.

Here’s a picture of the wood shop taken while I was working on the Deacon’s Bench. The shop building is 60 ft. x 30 ft. and packed full of toys, toys, toys … oh! Sorry, that should be tools, tools, tools … ha ha ha … So the question is, expand the shop or stop collecting toys (ooppps … tools) … lol   🙂

The Wood Shop

Here is another piece I made awhile back … A Bride’s Chest …

Bride's Chest

The idea here is a along the lines of a cedar chest but made specifically for the Bride and Groom (to their specifications) to keep their wedding momentoes in … with their wedding picture enlaid in the top. This piece has a unique feature about it. I constructed it so the wood reacts to weather conditions … in the winter the sides bow inward and in the summer the sides bow outward … hence the sides are in a constant state of change and movement … symbolic of the constant state of change of all life, the universe and the union of marriage … the constant change and movement of the sides give the Bride’s Chest the appearance of having a life of its own as tho it has a living breathing heart within it … could this be the ‘loving hearts’ of the Bride and Groom? 🙂

Here’s another interesting piece. A replica of an early American colonial Dry Sink …

Dry Sink

I copied it from one I saw in a museum. It is made out of eastern white pine (a common wood used for furniture in colonial America) and finished with 12 coats of hand rubbed shaker oil. It has true hand made raised panel doors, and no screws or nails were used in the construction.

Okay back to the wood shop with me to play in the saw dust somemore … lol 🙂

Don’t worry, I’ll be back to posting on the Blog and the Photo Gallery in a couple days.

As always, you can post your comments below … and, you are welcome to critique my creations and let me know what you think about them … good or bad … 🙂

Have a fantastic end of the week …


6 comments to Here’s what I’ve been doing lately :-)

  • Ken

    Wow…I am really impressed. You do really good work. I, on the other hand, am the possesser of two left hands. I can barely manage to wind a clock without breaking it. In fact, I cannot think of a single skill I have other than typing – can’t sing, whistle, play a musical instrument, nothing…just a first class klutz.

    I am envious. I tried painting as I have been a great fan of Dutch Master….yep, no talent. Oh well, some of us were meant to leave a mark and others to just fade away and I’m one of the latter…………..Ken

  • Sarah Rogers

    Beautiful work Bob. I am very impressed!

  • Burt

    Exquisite pieces. Thanx for sharing.

  • Admin

    Ken, Sarah and Burt … thank you for your kind words … much appreciated … 🙂

    Does anybody else have any hobbies or things they are into they’d like to share with the rest of us??? I’m sure everyone would enjoy seeing what everyone else is into … I know I would 🙂


  • Bobbie Sheehan Mauch

    Bob, this is breathtaking!!!! My husband loves to work with wood as a hobby, but he’s not quite this good.

  • Admin

    Bobbie thank you!

    What kind of things does your husband make? Post some of his creations on the Blog so we can all admire it. 🙂

    At our local Woodworkers Guild recently we were taking about how neat it is that with woodworkers, nobody’s work is better then another persons … we just all ‘create differently’ … 🙂


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