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Kinh Do Theater Bombing


I’m a newbie to the site—was a youngster during ’62 (4th or 5th grade…!) I remember my family and I trying to go to the Kinh Do Theater to see a show after having dinner at the Brinks BOQ. We met the school superintendent and his wife coming up the stairs and we all chatted a bit. They informed us that the theater had just been bombed! (Bummer, because we really wanted to see this show…!) Apparently, the balcony where we usually sat came crashing down in pieces….

Anyway—I’ve been trying to find some reference to this event online, and can’t seem to locate anything about it. Does anyone recall the bombing?



[ Welcome to our Blog, Jenny! Great having you here! Everyone give Jenny a BIG WELCOME! 🙂

Jenny, you’ll find some information about the theather bombing here on the site. Look on the Menu under “Categories” and “Capital Kinh Do … over there on the right —>

Jenny, please login to your Profile and enter you first and last name so we know who you are and other Saigon Kids who might have known you can find you. Thanks!

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6 comments to Kinh Do Theater Bombing

  • Debbie

    My sisters and I had just walked out of the Kinh Do when it was bombed, it was so eerie seeing your blog about that. Sometimes we think we are the only ones with these particular memories! “Thanks for the memories” to quote Bob Hope

  • Kathy Connor Dobronyi

    Which bombing are you talking about Jenny and Debbie? The one in September 1963 or the one in February 1964?

    You’d think one bombing memory would have been enough!

  • Sandy Hanna

    Does anyone remember the bombing of the Palace? Diem and his family were eating breakfast and the South Vietnamese Air Force staged a coup. They dropped a bomb on the Palace that didn’t explode. Our father was called in to facilitate the disarming of the bomb that was sitting on the floor above the breakfast room. I remember being herded out of the American Community School into the transports and once home, running up to the roof garden on top of our house to watch the planes circling and dropping bombs. Our mother taught kindergarten near the Palace and my sister Pati, brother Bob and I watched – wondering if she would be home that night. While we were there there were several coups. Do any of you have similar stories? Sandy

  • Debbie

    Is this when the had the coup d’etat and Diem and his high ranking officers were taken away or killed? Is so, I certainly do remember. We came home from school and my father was out of the country, in Hong Kong. He had always told us if there were any problems to go downstaris to the military guys’ apartment and they would help us. When we knocked on their door we were met by them pointing their guns at us. They had to leave shortly so my mom, my 3 young sisters and I were there by outselves not knowing what was going on. The radios were so censored, the were telling us nothing. We stayed up all night listening to the bombs falling all night and into the morning. It was a bright, sun shiny day, hard to believe bombs falling. We were especially scared because we lived next to a police station and did not know if they were targeting that. As most of you all, there are soooo many stories I could recount. Luckily I was old enough to always remember all of my times there!

  • Tom Hanna

    No, this was the one in late ’61 or early ’62 that was done by some VM Air Force pilots. The first bomb fell into the room where Diem and Neu we but failed to go off. They then escaped. The next bomb that was dropped a few minutes later took out most of the right wing of the Palace.

  • shanna

    What years were you there Debbie? It sounds like the one you are remembering was the one that finally killed him.

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