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Kinh Do Theater Saigon – Now Playing: Vietnam a Journey from War to Peace

Welcome to Saturday At The Movies with Saigon Kids.

In watching the last two movies we’ve seen Saigon – through *Old Saigon The Way It Was In 1955* – as it was in at the beginning of what would become know around the world as The Viet-nam Era. While in the *5 Part Series Evidence of Revision* we saw how world events, after World War II, would create the Viet-nam Era along with the political forces and powers at work in the USA as the military-industrial-political complex was developed and refined, continuing to this day.

Now in the following film *Viet-nam: A Journey from War to Peace* Jan-Mathieu Donnier (a friend from Switzerland) attempts to trace the history of Viet-nam throughout its recent history up to this day. This is done through various war foot-ages and historic extracts, as well as, nowadays pictures taken during his travels throughout Viet-nam in 2005 and 2006.

The film starts out for the first few minutes a little funky side, but gets better and better the deeper you get into it.

You’ll see some familiar sights, places, people and faces throughout the film. Some of your parents friends and associates (maybe even some of yours) from the old days in Saigon.

Between these three films they span over 50 years of a very, very unique period in world history – much of which the majority of us Saigon Kids lived through and witnessed in many, many ways over the past 50+ years.

Enjoy! 🙂

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