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Lies, Lies, Lies

Dear Bob,

While I appreciate my 15 minutes in the sun (as does Rev. Wright), I am or was hardly a hardened combat vet. I managed to spend my 12 months in Vietnam comfortably ensconced in an air-conditioned, sandbag protected communications bunker. If you go to http://mysite.verizon.net/wlfitz/index.htm you can see a couple of photos of this highly protected vet. That said, I am proud of have done my part in a war that I still consider half necessary and half unnecessary. I think my (our) memories of Vietnam as kids give us an attachment to the country that most of the GIs did not have and understandably so.

Strangly enough, I also attended school in Baghdad, Iraq (1954-57) while Dad was stationed with the MAAG organization there, so I think I have a distant affection for the Iraqi people, too. But I’m sure glad I’m not there now.

Regards to all – Ken

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  • Admin

    LOL … Ken … this explains it then … I guess the Army did not include ‘Squirrel Fighting’ in basic training then … lol … Although some did consider the VC as kinda squirrelly at times … lol

    All kidding aside … I agree, most of us do have an attachment and understanding of VN, which most do not have and find hard to conceive even.

    Thanks for the link to the HHC 12th Combat Aviation Group web site. Great site!

    In my humble opinion, ALL military personnel regardless of their position (be it providing support or in a fire fight) are all just as important. And, all military veterans should be HONORED and RESPECTED for the HEROS and PATRIOTS they are, who defend and protect our country (and other countries) perserving FREEDOM and keeping the world a saver place for all of us to enjoy.

    Have a fun day, Ken … out witting ‘Da Squuirrel’ … LOL


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