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locked out

Bob, I am not sure what I did, but my saved password for the gallery did not work, and when I attempted a few times it banned me.


[Admin Note: Please see the email I sent you yesterday which included a new password for you to access the photo gallery.

For everyone’s information – the photo gallery is programmed to ‘lock out’ anyone attempting to access it after 2 failed attempts with the incorrect password. This is done to prevent robots, spammers, hackers and unauthorized individuals from having access to the photo gallery.

If you lost or forgot your password, there is a ‘link’ on the Login page “I forgot my password” – click it and you will be emailed a new password (provided you are an authorized and registered user). You can then log in with the new password. Once logged in you can change your password to something easy for you to remember by going to your “Profile” page.]

3 comments to locked out

  • LizzyW

    Hi. Bob,
    I just joined. I created my own password, but when I went to use it, I was rejected. I resubmitted for a new password and kept it to avoid another hassle. Same result, though. What do I do?

    • Admin

      Hi Lizzy! 🙂

      You should be able to log in okay now. I changed your member status now that you’ve completed your Profile page and we know you are actually a Saigon Kid. The initial Registration is set to only allow someone access to their Profile page until they enter the information on it that identifies them as a Saigon Kid. Once the information requested on the Profile page has been entered then full login access is given, etc. This is done to block the spammers from having access to our Blog site. The auto generated Password that was emailed to you is usually too hard to remember. So, Login with it then click on “Profile” which will take you to your Profile page. Near the bottom is a place to change your Password to something easy for you to remember. Once you’ve entered you new Password click the “Update” button to activate it. After it has been activated you’ll be able to Login with it in the future. If you have anymore Login problems let me know – 🙂

      Welcome to our Saigon Kids Blog we are all happy you found us!


  • Admin

    George – This is in reply to your emaill. Yes, you are correct, separate Login is required for the Blog and for the Photo Gallery. When someone first Registers at both they are issued an ‘auto-generated’ Password which they can use to Login to each area with (the Password will be different for each area – Blog and Photo Gallery). Once they Login the first time they can then change their Password to something that is easier for them to remember. It is easier to remember ‘one’ Password then ‘two’ different Passwords, so it makes things a little easier to use the same Username and Password for both the Blog and the Photo Gallery – less to remember in our “senior moments” – LOL 🙂

    Hope this clarifies and helps everyone …


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