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Merry Christmas To All

By Ken Yeager

Well,  the Christmas tree is up and decorated.  Cookies and candy abound in the living room and the wine and sekt (German equivalent of champagne but sometimes better) is cooling in the fridge.  Gifts are all bought but not yet wrapped (I love these bags that look like wrapped gifts…must have been especially designed for men who cannot wrap a gift [present company included]).   The landscape is covered with snow with more expected today and it is COLD outside.  The menu is planned and we pick up the langoustine tomorrow afternoon.  Yes, it is Christmas time at Chez Yeager.

If you are traveling by car, please be careful out there….lots of idiots on the road.  The travel situation here in Germany is getting better with more flight taking off and arriving and the same for the trains.  But in the new snow could snarl everything up again but I hope not.  Everyone needs to be where they need to go for Christmas.

Think about our men and women in uniform this Christmas, especially those who are away from family and friends and the same can be said for those cops on the street, our civil servants who will be working over the holidays and our diplomats serving far from the shores of the U.S. of A.

So as 2010 winds down, I want to wish all of the Saigon Kids and their families a very Merry Christmas and a safe, healthy and wonderful 2011.  Cheers !!!!!      Ken and Gisela

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  • Mike Gutter

    Dear Ken and Gisela and all you other procrastonaters,

    It appears we are in the same club. Our decorations are still in the garage and shed and will come out this afternoon. We put it off until today while we await the carpet cleaners to come in to take care of are carpets. Three of my grandkids arrive Monday and the youngest is allergic to cats and dogs. Unfortunately I have one of each. So we are waiting to the last minute. I would hate to have her suffer and not want to come back again. But such is the life of grandparents.

    We will be having a white Christmas with a storm coming in and I am just young enough to want to make a a snowman and snow angels.

    I wish you a Merry Christmas who celebrate it and a Happy Holiday to those who don’t. I am a part of a group that send Christmas cards to our troops in Iraq and else where in the Middle East. It is sad that they cannot be home at this time of year. We were the lucky one when we were in Siagon with our folks.

    The best to you all and stay safe and warm.

    Mike Gutter

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