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Message from Admin: Site Terms of Use

Before I get into the meat of this Post, I’d first like to preface it with this: For the past several days I’ve been pre-occupied assisting a very, very, very dear friend who went through a 9 hour surgery this past Tuesday involving the removal of one kidney and repair of two very large abdominal hernias. She was discharged from the hospital today. She is still experiencing considerable discomfort and extreme pain. She will be confined to bed for at least the next two weeks. I’ll be pre-occupied assisting her throughout her recovery which is expected to last 6 to 8 weeks.

As you may suspect, in light of the above, my priorities over the past few days have not involved this site very much.

The remainder of this Post is in response to *one* particular individual (a Saigon Kid) who has *repeatedly demanded* over the past few days that I reply to their question.

Here is my reply:

Friday evening you visited this site and proceeded to:

1. *Content Bash* multiple Post on the site.
2. *Comment Spam* multiple Post on the site.

You then returned later Friday night and again *Comment Spammed* multiple Post on the site.

Yesterday and today (Saturday and Sunday) you sent several emails to another Saigon Kids’ email address with the only ‘content’ of those emails being messages addressed to me, by name, *demanding* a response to your question. (That Saigon Kid forwarded your emails on to me saying he was confused as to why you sent emails to *me* through *his* email address.)

Your question is:

“Why were my comments edited, I resent the hell out of it?”

My answer is:

1. I am the registered legal owner of this site.

2. This is a *moderated* blog site (just as nearly all blogs on the Internet are moderated sites). This means that all *Posts* and *Comments* are held for review and approval before going live on the site. This is done to keep the Spammers off the site and to maintain the integrity of the site.

3. You as a visitor to this site, by the act of using this site, are given a limited and non-exclusive revocable license for site usage. As the site owner I may terminate your license to use this site, and access to this site, for any reason, and without giving you notice.

4. *Content Bashing* is prohibited on this site.

5. *Comment Spamming* is prohibited on this site.

6. This site adheres to a strict Anti-Spam Policy (including, but not limited to, Post Spamming, Comment Spamming and/or Email Spamming).

7. All visitors and users of this site are excepted to show proper respect toward and be courteous to other visitors and users of this site; and, to maintain happy harmonious relationships with all visitors and users of this site.

8. Deliberately, intentionally or aggressively creating conflict and disharmony on this site is prohibited.

9. Profanity and offensive language and/or content are prohibited on this site.


One of your multiple comments was published on the blog (minus the *Content Bashing* portion of it, which was deleted. Reason: See #4 above). The comment that was approved for publication on the site adequately conveyed your message. The remaining comments where simply the same message paraphrased and left in the comments section of multiple Posts. This is classified as *Comment Spamming*, particularly since your message had no relevance whatsoever to the *content* of the Posts you left your comments under. The purpose of the Comments Section under each Post, is to leave comments relevant to the content of the subject Post. The *Content Bashing* portions of your multiple comments were deleted, in part, because all of the Posts you selected to leave your comments under were submitted to me by other Saigon Kids requesting they be shared with the rest of the group as they felt the content would be of common interest to some of the other Saigon Kids (not all, not everyone – but some) which proved to be true. I’m certain that after taking their time and effort to contribute useful and interesting content for publication on the site, they would not take kindly to it being *Bashed*, by you or anyone else.

All of your other multiple comments where deleted for *Content Bashing* and/or *Comment Spamming* (Reason: See #4 and #5 above).

Regarding email: In the future if you want to send something to me by email, it would be appropriate to send it to *my* email address instead of sending it to a 3rd party. You have it, as you’ve sent me numerous emails in the past. Also, it is at the top of every newsletter which is mailed on Fridays – add it to your address book, if you’ve not already done so.

When submitting inquiries to me, it is not necessary to send them repeatedly multiple times per day for two days. Send your inquiry *once* it will be answered as soon as my time permits.

In closing, let me say this … while visiting and using this site, you might find it behoves you to keep in mind the motto of this site … “Kind Words Go A Long Way” … 🙂

As the preface to this Post says, I have more important matters to attend too. Hence, consider your question answered without further discussion.




1. Comment Approval Denied: Approval of your Comment dated June 14, 2010 at 4:59 pm has been denied. Reason: Non-compliance with the above *Terms of Use* for this site.

2. Comment Approval Denied: Approval of your Comment dated June 15, 2010 at 9:39 am has been denied. Reason: Non-compliance with the above *Terms of Use* for this site.

3. Comment Approval Denied: Approval of your Comment dated June 20, 2010 at 2:26 pm has been denied. Reason: Non-compliance with the above *Terms of Use* for this site.

Final Resolution:

Your continued non-compliance with the above *Terms of Use* for this site leaves me with no choice but to revoke your license to use this site and terminate your usage of this site. Your usage of this site is terminated effective immediately (June 20, 2010 at 9:28 pm).

12 comments to Message from Admin: Site Terms of Use

  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    So sorry you have had to deal with such an unappreciative individual. As I have commented many times, this is wonderful opportunity to make contact and be reminded of the things we have in common and our Saigon Days. Thank you for taking the time to continue this site. I look farward to Friday and so does my husband, who asks most Friday evenings, “What did you hear from the Saigon Kids today?”

    Taking the time to respond to that unappreciative person took much of your time, but very kind of you considering you have other people to care for. I hope this monkey business is at an end!
    Prayers for your friend’s recovery.

  • Alice Ahlgren


    I could never thank you enough for the time and effort you have put into creating and maintaining this site. I have been greatly blessed with being able to reconnect with former Saigon kids and that has been a precious gift for me. I am so sorry you have to put up with the occasional and most unfortunate negatives. I have always found that kindness takes you a lot further down the path I want to be on than anger or bitterness.

    I extend my best wishes for your friend’s recovery and my heartfelt thanks for your stewardship of this site.

  • Elizabeth Respess

    Prayers for your friend’s speedy recovery. Thank you for all you do for others.

  • Mike Parker


    Your web site has been refreshing to me and I look forward to seeing what is coming next each Friday. Keep up the good work. My thoughts and prayers are with your friend for a speedy recovery.


  • Bob … All the best to you and your good friend who’s convalescing from surgery.

    Actually, a friend referred me to your site; I was just passing through, so to speak. With rules such as you’ve detailed, this has got to be a great online place to gather and make good acquaintances.

    Good luck and best wishes!


  • Bob's very good friend -Melanie

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m not a Saigon Kid, but I live with a certain very special one so I hope you don’t mind my brief intrusion.

    I just wanted to pop in and express my thanks for your prayers and good wishes concerning my health. I’m slowly healing and I have the best caretaker imaginable. Bob is an amazing man, and these last couple of weeks have reminded me once again about how blessed I am to share my life with someone so loving and compassionate.

    Bob and I have had many dinner time conversations about his time in Saigon and this website. I feel like I already know a few of you 🙂 He’s really pleased at all of the good, positive things that have come about because of this site. He puts a lot of hours into keeping things running, and the pay off for him is when you all share your stories and comments too.

    Thank you again for your good wishes.

    I wish you Peace

  • Maile Doyle

    Bob…I am also responding with incredulity that someone would abuse this wonderful gift you have given to so many of us. As I read what you said, I was so saddened that you have had to deal with such unpleasantness in your time of extreme anxiety for your friend.

    I pray your friend will recover quickly. I thank you so much for keeping us in touch. Mike Parker is absolutely correct that I, too, look forward to your “visit” each Friday and like Alice, I have been blessed to reconnect with friends from so long ago.

    Blessings on you and yours,

  • Bob,

    Your patience is commendable. Super job as usual, and thanks.


  • Janet Bogardus

    Bob – thanks for the caring, intelligent ground rules for the site, and for your positive attitude and dedication. I’ve really enjoyed the newsletter since I signed up a couple of months ago!


  • A *BIG* thank you to everyone for your comments, *kind words* and support of the Blog – I really appreciate your support in keeping our Saigon Kids community a pleasant and enjoyable experience for everyone.


    PS: Thank you for your prayers and good wishes for Melanie. As of yesterday she has caught up on all her ‘chic flicks’ and ‘soaps’ and is rapidly reaching the *I’m going stir crazy* phase of recovery – a good sign – 🙂

  • Kevin L. Wells

    For what it is worth. and as late as this is!

    In the past, I have visited blogs and a wide number of subjects. The ones attached to large organizations or well-known causes are generally fine. It is the special interest ones that cause my problem. Of special interest blogs,I have only two left (of 10 or so)that I regularly visit.

    The reason I discard blogs is that most seem to be largely un-moderated or at least 12 year old boy populated.

    I have yet to find a quicker way to destroy a discussion than allowing trolls and dorks of the juvenile type full access to their victims.

    Bob gets my thanks for keeping the discussion civil and for adults.

    My $.02.


    • Kevin – Thank you! You might find it interesting that to date I’ve filtered out 348,775 juvenile type troll, dork and spammer comments from our discussions on this site. It’s an on going daily task. Today alone there were 104 such attempts to pollute the site with such comments, etc.


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