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Mother’s Day: Mom-a-thon

Millions of mothers are suffering from underappreciation. But the Center for the Prevention of Lackus Appreciatis is here to help. Join the Mom-a-thon to send your free cure today. If you don’t save your mom, who will?

Join a Mom-a-thon.

Spread the word Saigon Kids … ask everyone you know to join the MOM-A-THON 🙂

“Saigon Kids Love Moms”

If you are a Saigon Kid who loves moms, as I do, I invite you to join with me to create a worldwide epidemic of “Mom-A-Thons”. How by starting a Mom-A-Thon in your town and encouraging everyone you know or meet to join in a worldwide Mom-A-Thon movement. A movement with only one purpose – to express appreciation and gratitude to moms everywhere on Mother’s Day.

Think how wonderful it would be if Mother’s Day was like Christmas with everyone greeting moms everywhere with ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ every time they encountered a mom. Heck, at Christmas we cruise around saying Merry Christmas to everyone, even total strangers – so, why not do the same for Mother’s Day!?! Wish every mom you see or meet “Happy Mother’s Day” and let them know they are appreciated for all they do as moms!

Email everyone you know asking them to get on board the worldwide “Mom-A-Thon” movement. Spread the word to your co-workers. Ask you employer to have a “Mom-A-Thon” office party – they have Christmas parties, so why not Mother’s Day party!?!

If you are member of any charity groups … encourage them to sponsor a local “Mom-A-Thon”. Ask your local churches, schools, professional and business clubs and organizations to sponsor a “Mom-A-Thon”. Heck, ask your City Council to sponsor a “Mom-A-Thon”. Contact radio, TV stations, and newspapers asking them to sponsor a “Mom-A-Thon”.

Get everyone and anyone involved in the “Mom-A-Thon” movement.

The great thing about a “Mom-A-Thon” is that it doesn’t cost anything – except a few minutes time expressing good wishes, saying kind words, and doing good things to let moms know how much they are appreciated.

Of course, if you wanted to spend a little more time and a few dollars, there are many other things you can do on Mother’s Day as an expression of gratitude and appreciation for moms. How about all those elderly moms confined to nursing homes with nobody around to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day – why not buy a couple dozen roses then stop by a nursing home giving moms a rose while wishing them a Happy Mother’s Day. Or, stopping by an abuse shelter with some Happy Mother’s Day gifts for the moms in the shelter. Or, how about hospitals – stop by and give a Mother’s Day card with a small gift to brighten a moms day – many patients and staff members are moms. How about Meals On Wheels – drop off some nice cards and flowers to be delivered to ‘shut-ins’ with their Mother’s Day meals. Particularly, the moms who are shut-ins with no family around.

The list of places to find moms (who in many cases may be feeling a little forgotten and unappreciated for various reasons) is endless – just think how wonderful they would feel knowing that someone ‘cared’ enough to think about them on Mother’s Day.

Please join with me Saigon Kids by promoting “Mom-A-Thons” everywhere – spread the word for everyone to show their gratitude and appreciation to moms everywhere this Mother’s Day!!

Join the movement – start an epidemic of “Mom-A-Thons” world wide!


PS: Do you need a Mother’s Day gift for a Mom, but can’t figure out what to get. How about an Amazon Gift Card. They make wonderful gifts. You can personalize them for Mother’s Day then email the Gift Card for immediate delivery or print the Gift Card on your own computer printer to personally deliver or enclose in a Mother’s Day card. Click this link for Mom-a-thon Gift Cards

Show mom’s everywhere how much they are appreciated with Mom-a-thon Gift Cards. Get them what they’ve always wanted. (Even if you don’t know what it is.) 🙂

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