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Older Saigon Kids – Challenge – Younger Saigon Kids

During the activities here on our Blog I’ve noticed there seems to be a time line of when some radical changes occurred at ACS.

During 1961 and prior us older Saigon Kids carefully crafted ACS to be as unlike a stateside school as possible – keeping it as “UN-school” as was humanly achievable – so we would have ample time to pursue all our extracurricular activities. But, then it seems starting in 1962 though 1965 you younger Saigon Kids began trashing all our previous efforts as you demanded a “State Side School” which eventually you got.

Hence, the line was drawn in the sand with the older “UN-schooled” alumni on one side of the line and the younger “Schooled” alumni on the other side of the line.

However, I’ve noticed a pattern of the older “UN-schooled” alumni actually being ‘more learned” in the ways of the world then the younger “Schooled” alumni.

For example, over the past couple of weeks the older “UN-schooled” alumni have searched out, located and re-connected with 11 former classmates from ACS – with everyone involved spending a total of less then about 10 hours to accomplish this so called “impossible feat” – according to you younger “Schooled” alumni, anyway. And, all we’ve heard from you younger “Schooled” alumni, for months now, is a bunch of whining about how hard it is to locate your former ACS classmates.

In light of the above it has become apparent the older “UN-Schooled” alumni are far superior to the younger “Schooled” alumni.

What’s that I hear you younger “Schooled” alumni saying?!

You disagree!

Well, well … PROVE US WRONG!

Let the CONTEST begin!

WE the older “UN-Schooled” alumni — CHALLENGE — YOU the younger “Schooled” alumni to seek out, locate and re-connect with more former ACS classmates in a shorter amount of time then WE the older “UN-Schooled” alumni do.

Let the games begin starting NOW … that is if you have the courage to take us on! 🙂

Bob … a CLOD Rebel Rouser – 🙂

14 comments to Older Saigon Kids – Challenge – Younger Saigon Kids

  • Frank

    AND Bob you think I’m an instigator!!!!

    • Admin

      Frank – You better believe it, man!! After all YOU are the ONE who drew the line in the sand with your empty Ba Muoi Ba bottle … – LOL – 🙂


  • Randy Seely

    “older?”…”younger?”…no contest! 🙂

  • Maile Doyle

    One of the biggest challenges is that we women change our last names at marriage! I thnik that’s why we are having trouble locating Suzi Hunt and Michele Laughlin, e.g.

    BTW – I actually found in my old files an attempt by 3 SKs in 1989 to create a directory of ACS students…John A. Thich, Jan L. (Rice) Grosch and Bill Brendza. I think I’ll begin some google searches and see what I can find.

    I also created a “group” on Facebook trying to let others know that Saigon Kids are alive and well and directing them to this blog.


    • Admin

      Way to go Maile … spread the Good News … about Saigon Kids and where to find us!!! Great that you found those old files. Maybe they will assist in locating more and more and more and more ….. Saigon Kids.

      I’ll be putting up a Post on the Blog soon of … Search Tips and Tricks … which hopefully will help SKs to conduct searches easier with better results while attempting to locate SKs.

      Women changing last name at marriage is not really a problem. Just have to approach the search from a different angle to determine their married name first.

      Rock Onnnn … 🙂


  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    OK here goes. Today I got a Yahoo notification saying someone in Classmates left me a message and lo and behold, it was from Frank Durham himself. I will email him tonight and try to get him to register here and fill in the 40+ year gap.
    Do I get any points? Hugs – Ken

  • Sandy Hanna

    Is there anyway to directly contact Richard Peabody? I left a comment under his name. I am looking for his sister Ann Peabody who was a classmate of mine in 1960 at the ACS. Richard, if you are reading this, I’m the one that gave your sister that white Siamese mix cat you had in Saigon. Thanks.

  • Sandy Hanna

    Thanks so much for the connection. I just spoke to Ann Peabody for over an hour and we went down memory lane and caught up with what we’ve been up to for the last 47 years. She is going to send copy the d 61-62 Gecko and send it to me. Is there a reason the kid under eighth grade aren’t posted in the Gecko photos you have posted. We were there too and it would help us to find each other if we were included (don’t think I’m not grateful that all you “older” kids got this website together and are providing the push to make us connect.) I am very grateful. Thanks.

    • Admin

      Sandy – If you login to the Photo Gallery you can view the 1960 and 1961 Gecko Yearbooks in there entirity. They are there “cover to cover”, including the elementary grades, junior high grades and high school grades. Those are “exact” copies of the original Gecko Yearbooks. I know because I manually scanned, edited and uploaded them all … LOL 🙂

      1960 Gecko the 8th Grade starts on Page 44.
      1961 Gecko the 8th Grade starts on Page 74.

      The 7th and lower grades are after the 8th Grade going toward the back of each year book.

      I’m still working on the 1962, 63, 64 and 65 Gecko Yearbooks. It takes about 60 to 70 man hours to scan, edit, compile and upload each year book. Eventually, I’ll get them all available for viewing in the Photo Gallery. I only have about 2 or 3 hours of spare time per week to work on Saigon Kids things, so it takes a while to get all the various projects completed.


  • Sandy Hanna

    Thanks so much. Really appreciate the time you do put in. I was looking at the saigon61 site – that didn’t have the elementary school on it. Keep up the good work.

    • Admin

      Sandy – Once I’ve gotten all the Gecko’s uploaded to the Photo Gallery, the next step will be to convert them all to eBook format so anyone who wants to can download them to their computer. And, after that I’m thinking about setting up a ‘print on demand’ version of each Gecko for those who might want a printed copy of them.


  • Mimi

    Hi everyone,

    Someone mentionned that it is hard to find old girlfriends because they changed name when they got married.
    Just to let you know that for the last 30 years or so, here in Canada, “the best country in the world”( I did not say the warmest!!)married women can(and most do) keep their maiden names, and can even it give it to their children, alone or with the father’s name.

    (My own kid, who had both names when registered, now has chosen to go by my name only. Shorter he says!)
    It will probably complicate the work of genealogists in the centuries to come, but in the mean time it is a nice improvement for women.

    hugs. mimi

    • Admin

      Ohhhhhh Mimi … LOL … “the best country in the world” … look out … LOL 🙂

      You might just get a few responses to that statement from the French, Americans, Vietnamese, … LOL ROFL 🙂

      Mirror Mirror on the wall whose country is the bestest of them all?! … ha ha ha

      Yes, Mom, I’m eating my garlic … LOL 🙂


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