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Pearl Harbor Day December 7, 1941

by Frank Stoddard (ACS)

Today is Pearl Harbor Day!

Suzy’s dad, Bud, was stationed at Hickman Field, in 1941. On Saturday, he had gone to the beach to fish.

In the morning of the 7th, he was awoken by the sounds of bombs. He ran back to the Field, where he could not do much.

He did see a friend of his from Illinois, being cut in half from a bomb blast.

I had mentioned before about Bud being shot down in Holland and ending up as a POW. After, Pearl Harbor, he ended up at Luke Air Force Base where he got his wings and became a 2Lt.

If history can stand still for just a moment of your time you will appreciate what Suzy’s parents (the Greatest Generation) went through.

3 comments to Pearl Harbor Day December 7, 1941

  • Deb Martin

    Does anyone remember this or know when it happened? I would like to know more about it I was only about 10 or 11 years old. I think I remember my father mentioning this. I think the fuel tanks must have to do with the oil refinery part of Mobil or Esso oil companies.

    I also remember listening to the tape of Christmas carols that my father made on the Christmas eve when the fuel tanks in Saigon were blown up by the Vietcong. Those were in retrospect historical moments.”

    Deborah Spohr Martin

  • tom rushton Vietnam 1966-1973

    Yes, on Dec 7th, 1941, I had just turned 7. As my Dad and I listened on the old floor-model Philco radio to the shocking news of the bombing of our fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, I still recall Dad’s ominous words “well, we’re in for it now.”

    The next year, he tried to enlist in the Navy, but was disqualified for “flat feet”.
    So of course the infantry took him. He ended up
    doing a lot of walking as a private with a rifle.

    Went on the invasion in 1943 of North Africa, then crossed to invade the small island of Sicily in the Med, finally on to the Italian mainland.

    I remember getting sporadic letters from him, describing the latest big city they had liberated from the German/Italian foe.

    It was a gallant effort on his part, because as most enlisted men in that war were in their 20’s, some still teenagers, he was 35 years old WHEN HE WENT IN!

    That’s my story of the “Greatest generation.”

  • Frank

    Tom, I think my Dad was about the same age as yours. I still miss my Dad, even though he died from is WW II injuries on 20 August 1962. I can see by your comment that you had great respect for your father. I am always looking for a reason to have a drink, therefore I will have a drink for you and your Dad. But more importantly, I salute your Dad and his family. Frank

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