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Sad News

Hi Everyone,

This note is from Melanie.

Bob and I lived together for the last 13 years.

I am sorry to report this, but he succumbed to pneumonia on Sunday December 15th.
The end was peaceful and he knew he was loved. I was there with him through it.

He loved all of you so much, and was so jazzed about how this site brought everyone together. We spent many dinners discussing his escapades as a Saigon Kid. He had quite an adventurous life, and he smiled a lot when he told his stories and remembered all of the places he’d been. I feel like I know a few of you personally from all the discussions that we had about the people and activities there.

He has left the responsibility for this site in my hands and I will do what I can to keep it running. In the next few weeks I will be moving it to my host account. That should be invisible to you, I’m just moving it to a different server. It will be the same URL and should look identical. Once that is done I will let you know.

Thank you in advance for your kind words.

33 comments to Sad News

  • Marie Perry Wright

    So very sad to hear the news… thinking of you and your families through these difficult times..Bob was amazing to do this for all of us and we are so thankful for his hard work! Be well… honorary “Saigon kid”
    Marie Perry Wright

  • Jay Oyler

    So sorry for your loss. This site has provided so much enjoyment over many years for me.

  • brooks toland kasson

    ah, melanie, how your heart must hurt. i am so sorry for that.

    for all the work and connections that bob helped maintain, i
    am grateful. and extended gratitude to you for continuing to
    hold us together, we who share a unique time in history.

    solstice blessings,

  • Laurie J Methven

    So sorry for your loss Melanie – and ours as well :(. Many of us had hoped against hope that Bob would get through this & I’m sure you probably felt the same. Its a tough road & my thoughts will be with you and I will light a candle for Bob tonight. Lost my partner 4 yrs. ago and while it isn’t the same as it was the first weeks/months…I still miss her every day (we were together over 27 yrs.). Be well my friend.

  • Dear Melanie,

    My sincere condolences on Bob’s passing. I am sure we Saigon Kids all have in our hearts: Rest in Peace Bob, Rest in Peace. We will not forget you, your Brain Child ‘Saigon Kids Emporium’ will live on by Melanie’s steady hand, and we Saigon Kids will keep plugging with our unique insights and understandings born of being at the extreme essence of one of histories most unique episode.

    In your support,

  • Dave Burford

    Dear Melanie,

    Such very sad news indeed. So very sorry for your loss, and for all of us “Saigon Kids” and especially to Bob himself. He has kept so many memories alive for all these years and re-connected many more “Kids” than he could ever have guessed. I’m guessing he’s already organizing a reunion in the Great Hereafter!

    My Most Sincere Condolences and Wishes for Comfort, Dave Burford

  • So sad to hear. My sincere condolences to his loved ones.

    I will always cherish his friendship since Saigon.


  • Randy Seely

    So very sorry to hear this sad news. Bob was a major cohesive force in reuniting and keeping SaigonKids together. Even though many of us…especially me, I suppose…haven’t been particularly active on this wonderful site, it has always been a magical place to visit so we can reignite wonderful memories from those many years ago.
    Rest peacefully, Bob… and thank you for keeping us together. You’ve made an incredible impact on helping us stay in touch. I send my deepest condolences to Melanie for her loss. Thank you for letting us know.

    • Maile Doyle

      Dear Melanie, sending hugs as you grieve your loss. Bob holds a special place in my heart for his leadership in starting this site which helped us reconnect. Rest In Peace, Bob. You will be missed.
      Maile Miller Doyle Saigon Kid 1961-1963.

  • Susan Lindquist Glenn

    Sorry for your loss. Such a wonderful thing for him to have put this website together for all of us to check in from time to time. Thank you in advance for your attempts to keep it going.


  • H. Clark

    Dear Melanie,

    I am sorry for your loss. I am sorry for our loss: Bod was so kind to me personally, and to all the Saigon Kids. Words cannot adequately express the sorrow. He was an amazing human being. It was such an honor to have known him for he touched all of our hearts. As he had said many times before, all we have left are memories. R.I.P., Bob.

    May the good memories comfort you in this difficult time.



  • frank

    Bob and I started listening to music together in 1960. Whenever I hear those songs, I will always think of him as I did as a kid. I am shedding a tear or two right now. My parents were also close to Bob’s parents. After my Dad died, my Mom would visit Bob’s Parents in Hawaii. My wife and I also visited Bob’s Dad grave in the Punch Bowl (his Dad served in many WW II Pacific battles as a Marine NCO). Bob said he would come to Cody and I told him I would ride a bull if he came. I wish the bull was now a choice. He was the sixth person I met in Saigon, but he always remained as the 1st.

  • Sarah Rogers

    I am so glad that you were with Bob these last 13 years Melanie, and certainly on Dec 15th. He was always so private that we never knew if life was joyous for him and I am so glad that you were there to provide joy.
    His antics in Saigon, along with many of ours, are indeed legendary and as we age, it almost seems like it was another person that lived our life!
    Thank you Bob for getting us all together and helping us to find more of “us”. One of these days, All of Us, will be meeting up for the Saigon Kids Reunion on High. xoxo

  • So very sorry to hear about Bob. He did so much for all of us.

  • Randall Underwood

    my condolences as well. I stumbled into this site, quite by accident. I was a Medic in Saigon, hence the name caught my attention. I’ve enjoyed reading about yawls lives in Saigon before it was not a good place to be. I’ve seen pictures of it now, it is a changed place again.keep the. Randy

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    I am always at a loss of what to say or write when a family member or friend is no longer with us and this is no exception. Well, one perhaps. Bob has done us all a wonderful favor with this website and for that and the re-connection I / we have made I will be always grateful. All of us SKs owe Bob a huge thank you and for him to know we are thankful to have known him either personally or via this site. Rest in Peace, Bob.

    • Ken, We talked about you quite a bit too. I think mostly because I have family in Germany and I enjoyed what you wrote about how life was over there. I thank you for your sentiments and wish you well. Mel

  • Elliot Bishop

    As an Australia vet interested in every aspect of the Vietnam War, the country, the culture and the people, I discovered this most interesting site some years ago. It has been fascinating to read about the lives of the sons and daughters of those who served. We in Australia grew up in a world heavily influenced by American culture and our young lives paralleled yours.I am ever grateful to Bob for bringing your stories to my attention. May he rest in peace. May you Melanie find comfort in the knowledge that Bob has brought together a community of people for whom the Vietnam experience burns deep in our memory. Congratulations for continuing his good work.

  • Kathy & Dick Emery

    So very sorry for your tremendous loss. Wishing you peace and comfort.

  • Mike Parker

    Sad news indeed! Bob left his mark on all of us, and that will forever be a part of his legacy. ROCKIN’ ROBERT we’ll miss you.


  • Suellen O Campbell

    Bob’s last thoughts to us were that he would probably not make it home this time. I hate that he was right! Bob gave us all so much joy through the Saigon Kids connections. We are a unique group, with unique memories, of a place that no longer exists except in memories. Bob provided us a way to reconnect with our youth and our friendships made in Saigon. For that I am truly thankful! My thoughts and prayers are with you, Melanie, and I look forward to having you continue to keep us together. It is much appreciated! Rock Onnnn, Bob! We’ll see you again someday at a heavenly reunion of the SKs.
    Saigon Kid 1958-60

  • Paul Reichers


    I don’t think I know you or Bob, but I am most saddened by his passing and your loss. Here’s wishing you all the best going forward with this site and with everything else that is dear to you.

    Paul Reichers
    Class of 1964 ACHS

  • Daniel F. Murphy

    Dear Melanie
    I am very sorry for your loss of your friend and companion . Just discovering SK in the last few years has meant so much to me and loosing a founder is personal to me and us as well. RIP dear Bob
    Technically I and my sister would be Ban Methout/ Pleiku Kids,1958-1960 but Saigon was just a CAT ride away.
    My most sincere condolences
    Dan Murphy

  • Al Misker

    My deepest condolences on your loss! We will all miss him!
    Al Misker Saigon(JDP)’57 – ’59

  • Les Arbuckle

    I’m sorry to hear about Bob. His commitment to the Saigon Kids was a truly wonderful thing and he will be missed. Saigon was a special place for all of us and Bob was a special person for bringing the Saigon Kids together again after so many years. If there was a ribbon, award, or commendation for “Military Brats who have contributed above and beyond the call of duty,” Bob would get one. Thank you , Bob, for everything you’ve done.
    Les Arbuckle

  • Frank

    Melanie, when you get the opportunity, please write more about Bob. I would like to more about his life of the past few years. I, myself, exactly remember when I first met him. I arrived in Saigon the first week of June 1960. I had been there about two hours when four American girls showed up at our house. I do not remember who they were. I just remember they were all beautiful. Now remember, I just came from an all boys boarding school run by Benedict Monks. That evening, about six, Larry Smith came to our door. He was the fifth person I met. My parents let me head out with him, jet lack and all (actually teenagers coming to Saigon did not have that problem). Larry and I instantly became friends. We walked about four blocks to the Haznam house. The first teenager I the met was Bob. I met and even fell in love with all the girls that were listening and dancing to the music. Bob and I spent several hours listening and talking about that music. Bob, Larry and I were such close friends that year. That was by far my best time in high school…and Bob was so much a part. I think it is important for any Saigon teenager to know that it was Bob, Larry and I that were able to get approval and start the “ Teenager Softball Team”. It took a lot of work, but working with my two best friends we did. In July of 1960, about a month or so after I arrived in Saigon, Bob suggested that we go to the Bastille Ball at the Circle. They turned us American teenagers down, but my date, Vickie’s Dad got us tickets. Bob’s date was Penny Emery. Both Bob and I laughed because we had what Marty Robbin’s sang…”A White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation”! Yes, bob and his parents were a short time in my life, but played a big part.

    • Frank, I will write more about Bob soon. He and I discussed that softball team, and everything you all did to make it happen, many times. It was a fond memory for him. He talked about the Clods a lot too. He even bought a guitar for himself a couple of years ago because he wanted to play again. Peace to you. Mel

  • Elvera roussel

    Such sad news.
    I send you Melanie and all Bob’s family and friends my condolences.
    We all wanted him to join in meet ups and I am sad he did not come but am very glad he had you in his life.
    I my hope that you will only remember the laughter and good days with him.
    Please keep in touch and thank you for all you did for him.

  • Ruth Matteson Blackmore


    So sorry to hear of Bob’s passing and send you love and strength as you enter this phase of healing and remembering and celebrating Bob’s life and the wonderful times you had with him. I arrived in Saigon in January 1961 and never met Bob but remember the kids talking about him and seeing pictures of him – very cool looking guy! However, I’m so pleased to have shared many emails with him via this site and appreciate so much what he did for all of us Saigon Kids and keeping us organized and up to date. I so appreciate the job you have done with the site and will continue to do for the time being. I was so hoping to see him in Cody in 2020. If you could make it to Cody, it would be wonderful to meet you. If you need some assistance getting there, let me know.

  • Angelique Kenney

    I’m so sorry to hear this sad news. What a beautiful community here on the SK site! As an adoptee, who has been trying to figure out the story of my birth, I have appreciated all the stories and descriptions of Saigon during the early ’60’s.. I went on to live in SEA for most of my life and am a ‘brat’ myself! Thank you, Bob for all your efforts. Rest In Peace.
    Angelique Kenney
    (born Saigon 1964)

  • Mimi

    Just back home from a trip and learned the bad news. At least Bob was not alone and thank you for that Melanie. Too bad he’ll be missing the Codey reunion where he said he was going after skipping the previous ones. Or, may be the perspective of seeing Frank riding a bull or vice versa was unbearable to him 😉
    I liked Bob a lot. I confess I have a few favourites among the saigon kids crowd, and I won’t name them bcz they know who they are, but he is one of them. He will always be in my heart and memory.
    Melanie, if keeping this site requires money, please tell, I am sure we can all contribute.
    Big hugs to you and all SKs,and best wishes for a happy new year.

  • Dori Britton

    though. Very sorry to hear of Bob’s passing. Wonderful man and very dedicated to Saigon ACS alumni.

    Also enjoyed the videos. We were in Saigon 60 to 64. Lived on Phan Dinh Phung.

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