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Saigon Kids™ *Brat Club* Member Trying To Contact Steve Parker

Submitted by Deborah (Oakley) Melvin (ACS)

[Admin Note: I received this email from Deborah. Unfortunately, Steve has not provided his contact information so I’m unable to assist her. If anyone knows how to contact Steve, please forward her message on to him. Thank you – Bob]

Hawaii Palms BeachAloha Bob:

If you can get a message to Steve Parker while he is still there… he was my neighbor in 1962/1963 when he also lived on Ngo Dinh Khoi Boulevard, now across the street from a major hotel. Tell him it was the big white two story villa with (facing the house) the Melvins on the left, they were on the right, another family behind, and the Leoppards behind that.

We also had what we called (and had cards for) the “Brat Club” — I just had a phenomenal visit with Manon Leoppard (Brown) who, by happenstance, lives just 15 minutes from my sister Malia, who wasn’t born yet. She has an old Brat Club card somewhere. Yes, we were brats, but good kids, all in elementary school, full of the dickens…big eyes and ears.

Give him my details and I’d be happy to share any info I have, as I know Manon will. I know exactly what it’s like to be tearing around HCMC looking for the old house on a moped…I did it a few years back, as you might recall 🙂

You are the connector that keeps us all together, the sweet glue of our pasts, helping us find clarity for that unique gift of time in Saigon, irreplaceable as a part of our formative years.

Mahalo, my friend.

Deborah (Oakley) Melvin – Proud Brat

[Note: This is a good example of why it is important to provide your contact information and keep it up to date – Bob]

6 comments to Saigon Kids™ *Brat Club* Member Trying To Contact Steve Parker

  • Frank

    Was Steve Parker, Burt’s younger brother? Frank

  • Frank

    O.K., the reason I asked was because of a conversation that Burt and I had while sitting in the hot pool at the Wigwam Resort in 2000. Burt and I had both drank a little more than we should have! Surprise. Burt told me that his younger brother had started a sailing business where he would sail folks into the Caribbean Sea. On one of these for for-sale-sails journeys Burt’s brother took a newly wed couple on a sailing trip. They stopped at a very small island where Burt’s brothers wife and the new bride got off the boat. The guys would sail around to the wind protected side and then meet the ladies. As the women were walking the short distance in order to meet the guys they hear gun shots. Burt’s brother and the new groom were never seen again, nor the sail boat. Burt said his Dad went there for several years with no luck. As we all know, Burt is no longer with us. I do not know Burt’s brother’s name.

    • Frank – Interesting. How did the 2 ladies get off the island? How long were they on the island before someone found them? Must’ve been a really fast sail boat for the pirates to sail beyond the horizon out of the 2 ladies sight on a very small island.

    • Christy Kent

      Frank, I have lost your direct e-mail -I thought you would want to know that Bob Ouellette, Vicky Shankey’s husband, passed away last week. I know you remember the great reunion dinner we had at Bob and Vicky’s house a few years ago —– you, Sue, Vicky, Bob, Sondra and I !! Your son’s art still hangs in their house and Bob always drew visitors’ attention to it.

  • frank

    Oh Christy, so sorry to hear this. It must be terribly hard for Vicky, losing her sister Sondra and now Bob. Yes, those memories are fresh in my mind. Please give Vicky our best and that we are so, so sorry to hear this news.

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