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Saigon Kids Home Movies – A Pretty Yellow Dress On a Pretty Saigon Kid 1963

This is in follow up to my previous Post about Saigon Kids Home Movies.

As mentioned in the Post a few days ago, the idea is being kicked around of compiling a video of old home movies from our days in Saigon.

As promised here is an example of the kinds of old home movies we’d be looking for to make the video.

If you can identify any of the places or people in this movie, please do so in the Comments section below. The easiest way to do this would be to say something like, ” the building at 1 minute 49 seconds is ______ “. By pin pointing what you are identifying with the minutes/seconds we’ll all know what (or who) in the movie you are identifying. Note: If you hold your mouse over the bottom of the video screen it will show the bar with the minutes/seconds as the movie plays.

About this home movie: Cheryl Stewart attending Kindergarten at ACS during 1963. Her family was stationed there along with the rest of our families. Her older sister was Debbie Stewart who was in 4th/5th grade at ACS. This is a film of everyday scenes around Saigon taken one weekend in 1963. Cheryl is wearing her pretty yellow dress. Debbie is wearing a pink dress.

This home movie has been provided by Cheryl’s husband, Myron, who just happens to be a professional at transferring films like this one.

Big thank you to Cheryl and Myron – very much appreciated! I’m sure this will bring back some wonderful memories for all Saigon Kids – 🙂

Enjoy! 🙂


[Note from Admin: The proposed *Saigon Kids Home Movies* project is not affiliated with Elvera Roussel’s documentary. They are two separate and independent projects. I just thought I’d mention it to prevent any potential confusion.]

5 comments to Saigon Kids Home Movies – A Pretty Yellow Dress On a Pretty Saigon Kid 1963

  • Burt Parker

    2:39 Looks like Cercle Sportif pool. Flick brings back so many memories…

  • Les Arbuckle

    That looked like a pool I went to several times with my parents, not the Cercle Sportif pool. It had an olympic height diving board and one of the tunes on the juke box was “the Happy Organ” by Dave “Baby” Cortez. I don’t recall where the pool was exactly, but we weren’t members of the Cercle.
    I remember the rooftop they were on, but not which hotel it was. It could have been the hotel which housed AFRS.

    • Les – That is the “Miami Swimming Pool”. See Deja Vu: Vietnam Part 14 video. The Miami pool is shown at about 8 minutes into the video. Click Here to view the video.

      It appears to me the roof top footage is from both the Rex Hotel and the Caravelle Hotel. The one with the brightly colored chairs, etc is the Rex Hotel roof top. The other one is the Caravelle Hotel roof top. Whoever was doing the filming had one heck of a ‘zoom’ feature on the camera, by the ‘zoom in’ they did from the Caravelle roof top over to the Rex roof top.


  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    I’m probably wrong but in the first frames after the swimming pool dive, the gentleman in the white shirt, isn’t that the Catholic priest that was a baseball coach and an occasional chaperon for some of the dances? Father ?????. I love the scenes of downtown Saigon…Ahhh what memories. Ken

  • Click the “Play” button at the bottom left of the video viewer. It might take a while for the video to transfer from the host server. If that does not do it, “refresh” your screen then repeat above. If that doesn’t do it, then it is a problem with your computer. Or, if you are using AOL for your Internet connection it could be a problem on AOL’s side, as they seem to think they can decide what people can and can’t view on their computers – LOL.


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