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Saigon Kids Stories: First Kiss On Big Brass Bed Under My Sister’s Slips

by Michael Smith (ACS)

I arrived in Vietnam at the age of 4, and believe it or not, I remember pretty much everything.Kids Kissing Especially my first kiss at about the age of 6 by the one and only Rene’ Bonner, as we layed across the big brass bed, under a ton of my sister slips. I felt like a Pro at what I thought I knew. Now when I look back at that time, I have to laugh at myself. I must have thought I was Long John Holmes at that time, and I never knew the guy.

I remember all the GI’s stopping by our place off the street, I believe called Phong Dong Phu (that seem’s to be what is stuck in what is left of my Brain) while growing up in the 60’s & 70’s what a wild ride. I felt as if I was one of Ken Kesley’s, Merry Pranksters — OK enough of that.

I remember that my mummzy and Papa must have been some party animals, because it seemed that we had something going on everyday, or was that just a phantom memory in my left over mind, but whatever it was, it seemed like a lot of fun.

I remember my oldest Bro’s Vietnam Buddy named, Domino, that I heard turned out to be a VC Officer, what a fluk.

Man, there are so many things that I remember when I start thinking more, and more about Saigon, that it just might take a book to write everything down. But to put it in a small sentence, it was a Wild Time. Especially getting shot at while I was climbing the old Rubber Tree’s round about the Fence, and as the bullet zinged by my head, I lost my grip, and fell out of that damn tree, and headed right towards the steel spikes that were embedded in the wall around the compound we lived at, then as I was falling, I felt like a hand came from out of the sky, and it twisted my body sideways, just in a nick of time, as the spikes I was headed for, ripped through my baggy shorts, and tore it from my body. That slowed me down enough, that I hit the ground like I was a feather that fell from the sky, but as soon as I hit, I took off like a Bat out of Hades, and didn’t look back at that tree until the small skirmish was over.

That’s enough for now, my life has been quite pooring, till next time, Vietnam Bro’s & sis.

1 comment to Saigon Kids Stories: First Kiss On Big Brass Bed Under My Sister’s Slips

  • Micheal – Great story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Your mom was awesome. She bailed me out several times when I got into things I shouldn’t have gotten into in Saigon.


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