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Saigon Kids Stories: Stepping Over Sleeping Bags

by Susan Smith (ACS)

A lot of you knew me as the bratty little sister of Larry, Cheryl, Donna and Billy — the rest of us where younger.

I do have a lot of wonderful memories of living in Saigon.The Smiths

I truly remember waking up stepping over sleeping bags in the hall way and living room full of GI’s who stayed at our home. My Mother would write home to everyone of those Gi’s families letting them know as long as we were in Vietnam my parents would look out for them.

I had such wonderful parents.

My older siblings of course would have parties at the house which I knew I was a pest,but loved the attention – lol – 🙂

I have so many memories like realizing I am lucky to still be alive. My parents had know idea of the devilish things we younger kids did like taking off by myself and getting lost. Thankfully, a nice young man took me to his hut and his mom speaking in there language and I knowing exactly what was being said – lol. She wasn’t happy for sure thinking they would be shot or arrested. But, he put me on the back of his motorcycle and got me home safely. Where the guards put him up against the wall with a rifle on him. My dad had to come down to let them know I was safe. Needless to say I got my butt spanked for causing so many problems for that poor young guy who was only trying to help me.

I could go on and on with so much to say.

My older sibling are still around thank God. Cheryl married Buzz as we all new him from Vietnam. Donna married Buddy,now divorced. Billy is deceased, he was a police officer. Larry is still married to Bonnie who we all love. Michael is married with 3 daughters and several grand babied. Steven the same married with several kids. And me, Bratty, I’m living in Florida and have a beautiful daughter and the most amazing grandson.

Our lives have been blessed — but missing mom and dad.

I love the news letter from you all and look forward to many more.

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  • Kevin L. Wells


    If you could go on, you should.

    Just give it a go, I am sure that you have a lot of knowledge that would fill in blanks others would like to have filled in.

    Billy took me up to the quarters one time only, but my impression was that everybody was welcome all the time regardless of the time of day.

    One of the things that always impressed me was how much Saigon Kids knew, but everybody assumed we did not know. I remember being almost being part of the furniture and I learned a lot that way, and probably things I was not “supposed ta”s to know!

    Your family looms large in the collective memories of Saigon Kids so please write more!


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