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Saigon Kids Today: Rick Schutt and Patti Spending Easter with Da’ Fonz

by Frank Stoddard (ACS)

Rick Schutt and his girl friend, Patti, will be visiting us this Easter week-end.

Now we are not on the beaten’ path being a few miles north of Mexico in S.E. Arizona.

My Gosh (old slang) Arlene and David, Susie and Patrick and now Rick…Wow, what an honor.

Saturday we will go to Bisbee, an old historic mining town, to Mama’s Little Italy Rosa’s Restaurant. You bring your own wine and don’t worry I have two bottles of great Italian wine.

I am the designated drinker!! HeHe!! Seeing my lovely wife does not drink, that will work out great … well, accept she does not see very well at night … Oh Well! Nothing is prefect! lol

Rick was a younger fellow… He did play on the ACS ball team … He calls me Fonz, which makes me feel good! I guess it was really in the Brill cream!

By the way, Rick and Patti do not know it yet, but my wife Suzy has it already for us to all dye Easter Eggs Sunday morning. Isn’t that cool!!

Happy Easter every one … life is so precious (especially as we get older and we once swore, after listening to our parents and relatives, that we would never talk about illness) … enjoy!!

PS: Went to VA Hospital today.. My lungs are really good, in spite of years of smoking three packs a day (not as much as John Wayne, but was offered the fourth Marlboro Man job!!! O.K. bad joke!!) … quit in Nov. 1986 — cough cough!! excuse me!!

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1 comment to Saigon Kids Today: Rick Schutt and Patti Spending Easter with Da’ Fonz

  • frank

    Rick and Patti were here and we had a great time. Yes we did color Easter Eggs! We thought about hiding them but were afraid we would not be able to find them. HeHe!!
    During their short stay, we ate and drank well!!

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