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Saigon Reunion 2009 Video

by Roy McDonald, Arlene (Zucker) Claiborne and Frank Stoddard,ACS

[Note: This is a work in progress.]

[Admin Note: You can follow the reunion from start to finish as it was going on by CLICKING HERE.]

5 comments to Saigon Reunion 2009 Video

  • What a nice way to generate a smile on my old face! Thanks, Frank, Arlene, & Roy. What a charge to see our old stompin’ grounds.

  • Maile Doyle

    This made me smile all over to see where I spent two wonderfull years of my life. Thank you for documenting and sharing with those of us who couldn’t join you.

  • Carolyn Cathey Castelli

    Hi Roy, Arlene, and Frank,
    Thanks for posting this. I teared up when I saw some of the buildings, streets, and Cirque Sportif. What class were you in?

    Were any of the people who attended the 2009 reunion from the class of ’68? I was there for only one semester Fall 1964 before heading up to Dalat for school. I was Class of 68.

    Thanks again!! Looks like you had a great time!!


  • frank

    Hi Carolyn, You are such a young thing. I was the class of ’62. I do not know if someone was from the class of ’68 or not. When we were all together, years did not seem to matter, but just fabulous Saigon connection. Yea, Vietnam is still a interesting place. If you get a chance to visit her, I highly recommend it. You will not regret it!Frank

  • frank

    By the way, Roy & Arlene did most of the work on the slide show. They were just too gracious to add my name. Frank

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