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Sally (Ackerman) Casey Finds Saigon Kids

by Sally (Ackerman) Casey (Phoenix Study Group – 1965-68)

My name is Sally (Ackerman) Casey. I lived in Saigon in the mid to late 1960’s. My father worked for RMK BRJ.

I attended 2nd grade and 4th grade with the Phoenix Study Group in Saigon. We left when I was in 3rd grade to return stateside. My 4th grade year was interrupted by TET.

We left Saigon a few months after the TET offensive.

I’d like to join this site.

I’d also like to find the Phoenix Study Group on Facebook, if they are active there.

[Admin Note: Sally, WELCOME to our Saigon Kids American Community School blog. Great having you join us. Please feel free to join in and share your Saigon memories and experiences with everyone. I think PSG has a Facebook page. Maybe some of the PSG folks reading this can direct you to it. Again, great having you with us! 🙂 ]

3 comments to Sally (Ackerman) Casey Finds Saigon Kids

  • Deb Martin

    I went to the Phoenix School. I remember having an Amish school teacher and she taught 4 grade levels I think. This was the school that opened after the American Community school shut down. The school was established for families of people who worked for private companies after the military families left Vietnam.

    My Mom was the high school art teacher at the American Community school. And I recently found some of her black and white photos of her doing art work with her students. I wonder if these photos would be of interest to anyone? My Moms name was Betty Spohr. Deb Spohr Martin

    • Hi Deb – I’m sure your mom’s photo’s would be of interest to everyone. If you could scan them, save them as .jpeg images and send them to me via the site Contact Form (or email) I’d be happy to create an album and/or video for them on the site. Thank you in advance. This would be a wonderful contribution and addition to the site.


  • Michael Erickson

    Hi Sally
    You can connect on Facebook with students who attended the school. We have a Facebook group. Just type “Phoenix Study Group, Saigon” in Facebook search.

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