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Spring, then summer and no blogs

I guess it is evident that with the onslaught of spring, soon to be summer that everyone is outside working in the garden, washing the car or doing other things like swimming, bike riding, barbequing, etc. No one is sitting in front of the computer thinking up cute things to say in this blog. Everyone seems to be absent, AWOL, or MIA. I miss the give and take of the blog, people !!!!!. Surely someone must have something interesting to write about.

I will be off on vacation the 2nd week of June for two weeks on the beautiful island of Sylt cavorting with other FKK (Frei Korper Kulture – AKA naked) beachgoers, assuming the weather cooperates. Water temperature will be about 12-14ºC (53-57ºF), just right to change a guys voice…..for a while. Will be eating lots of fish and drinking some good German beer and wine, not to mention the odd vodka tonic or two. Lots of good restaurants on the island and the air is sooooo good.

Two weeks after Sylt I head for Frankfurt and three months of work in my old office. Hope I get to do some traveling, preferably in Europe, but gotta go where the boss says go. Motorcycle goes too !! Planning a three day run over a long weekend to Luxembourg and France with a friend during that time. Should be fun. Hopefully, this year we will be in the U.S. for Christmas. By then, it will be almost two years since I’ve seen my son or my sister and her family. Plus we have a new family member that we need to meet. Ava Grace will turn one in December 29th.

OK, who is next? Ciao and hugs to all – Ken

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  • Admin

    Ken – thanks for putting up a Post. Much appreciated.

    Sounds like you have fun fun fun times ahead … ENJOY!!!

    I’m swampped with other commitments at the moment, but shall return to blogging in the near future.

    In the mean time – don’t be bashful people … 🙂

    Have a fantastic day everyone!


  • Randy Seely

    Hmmm…not much activity here these days, like Ken says. I think the spring/summer weather has a lot to do with it, as well. As for us, we’re leaving tomorrow morning for Iowa…my wife’s family lives there. Then, in September, my wife and I are going on a cruise with our 3 sons and their wives…which promises to be a blast! I’ve finally settled on a retirement date in 2010…Sandy and I have booked our retirement cruise…our 11th (she’s bailing 3 months after me…). We’ll fly to Venice, board the Ruby Princess and take a 16-day cruise back to Ft Lauderdale — to Naples, Rome, Florence, Cannes, Barcelona…then to Ponta Delgado, Azores…before the last 5-day leg to Ft Lauderdale, where we plan on visiting some old friends…before flying home to Idaho. Meanwhile, our summer is full of family fun…topping it off in early Sept. with #2 son’s wedding just before our cruise.
    Sounds like you have some terrific plans, Ken…isn’t it terrific to still travel? We love to travel…roadtrips, cruises, etc. Never a dull moment…and we enjoy meeting new friends along the way. Incidentally, if any SK’s are traveling thru the great state of Idaho, drop me a line and let me know! Even if we’ve never met, my friends…we still have that common thread of having experienced Saigon! Best wishes, everyone! Randy

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