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Super Committee Fails, This Bus Will Blow UP and Pizza’s are Tomotoes

I’m one of those people who is always looking for the humor in things. While observing the actions (or non actions)of our Congress representing *We the People* … that is what we elected them to do, isn’t it?! … I often times find myself rolling on the floor in laughter – for hours, days, weeks and sometimes even years – LOL – 🙂

Then I came across this video which kind of puts some of the latest actions of Congress in perspective …

With that, I suppose I better get out back and prepare my *vegetable garden* to plant a fresh crop of *Pizza* in the Spring.

Hmmm … are Pizza plants a vine, tree, bush?? Maybe I better take a trip over to the college Agriculture Department to learn how to plant and grow Pizza plants – LOL.

Hmmm … I wonder if they can be grown in hot houses like other varieties of Tomatoes.

Hmmm … will Pizza become the new cash crop in America … will we soon be driving through the farmlands of America seeing acres and acres of Pizza growing as far as the eye can see … and, stop to pick and eat a nice garden fresh fat juicy sun baked Pizza … fresh from the vine … ???

Is Campbell really coming out with Pizza Soup?!

Anybody know were to buy Pizza seeds?

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