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The Gecko Project: 1964 Gecko Yearbook

I now have the American Community School 1964 Gecko Yearbook in digital format, which I’ll be adding to the Photo Gallery as soon as time permits.

We can thank the American School Vientiane Laos Alumni Association for there kindness in contributing a copy they had of it.

So, everyone please give a BIG THANK YOU to the gang over at ASV!!

I found it interesting looking though it and seeing how much the school changed after I departed Saigon in early 1961.

1961 ACS English Lit Class

1961 ACS English Lit Class - 3rd pillar from the *Hut* (Click to enlarge)

Boy, oh boy! … you 1963/64 Saigon Kids sure were *prim and proper* Ivy Leaguers compared to us *hip cat* beatnik rebel rock n roll’n Clod Saigon Kids who preceded you prior to 1962 – LOL –   🙂

This photo pretty well represents what a typical day at ACS was like in 1960/61 – English Lit class – LOL.

Studying the *classics* (beat classics, naturally).

Notice the strict dress code at the school back then (or total lack thereof – lol).

If I remember correctly, I think when this picture was taken Frank was sipping on a *33* across the hall from me – LOL –     🙂

Ahhh … those mellow school days back in Ole’ Saigon – how sweet they were –   🙂


PS: Oh, by the way, I’m still working on the 1963 Gecko Yearbook. I’ll let you know when it is ready to enter the Photo Gallery.

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