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Isn’t it strange that…after all these years…on the Saigon Kids website…we connect with old friends, or people we wish we had made friendships with…and then…don’t have a whole lot to say? Sure, we all have our personal lives…jobs, grandkids, family issues, travel plans, medical issues…but what a terrific outlet we have here to stay in touch. We all have the same warm feelings about our time in Saigon as teens…those tumultuous days when we were really all living the ‘good life’ and maybe didn’t realize it. Last month, we got excited when a segment of SK’s made the ‘pilgrimage’ back to Saigon to re-live places and moments. A lot of us posted…but when it was over, was it OVER? Sure, we all have family plans…or personal plans… for the coming months , but let’s not forget this wonderful place for staying in touch with old…and hopefully, new… friends. I remember faces and names from back then…and saw some of those names and pictures on the posts from Saigon…and only wished I would’ve taken the time to go as well. Having read all the posts that’ve made it to this site, I sincerely wish I’d personally met every one of the posters! But until I do, the next best thing is reading the posts. We all appreciate Bob’s efforts in breathing life into this blog and helping to keep the memories alive. Seeing names, posts, or pictures of people who helped formulate who I’ve become are very special indeed. I guess the lack of posts makes me worry that, eventually, this SK site will ‘die on the vine.’ We’re all much older…but, as for me, when I think of my days in Saigon, everyone I knew are still pictured as the 14-15-16 year olds I used to hang out with at the Cerc or any number of places from that wonderful city and time. Fun times, huh? Off my soapbox now. Best wishes, everyone! Randy

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  • Ken

    Randy, very well put and I agree 100%. I had to chuckle when you said that you still see everyone at the 14-15 year old stage…I do too and sometimes I think that everyone but me is in a time warp and is still that same young face. Crazy, huh? But we’ve all moved on and some, like me, have more time than good sense, so they spend time on the computer reading and seeking old friends. You and I have something in common in that we continued to move throughout our professional lives while many settled down to one town or city (I couldn’t imagine that until the last few years – I have now been in Germany almost 10 years…although two places – Frankfurt and Grosshansdorf)). With my dad’s career in the Army and mine in the Foreign Service (no legion), I moved every 2, 3 or 4 years until now. I could swear I have Gypsy blood in my veins. Anyway, yes, there are family concerns, grandkids, etc to occupy folks time. But we do need to try and stay connected. I’ve tried to get a few folks to come onboard the site without success but I shall not give up. Keep posting Randy. You’re a good man and thank goodness for the Bob’s and Roy’s of the world. Ken

  • Sandy Hanna

    I am so glad to have found this site. I look at it almost everyday. As an Army BRAT I became one of the many who have the desperate sense that I have to move every two year – solved the problem by moving furniture around and changing rooms just to feel there has been change. I was in Saigon in 60-62 as a middle schooler, but those years are the ones I remember the most. I have moved around the country, but finally have two places that feel like home – one on this continent, one on another. Now this site feels like home. Thanks everyone for contributing.

    • Admin

      Sandy – I know the feeling of having to ‘move’ – LOL. To this day, after 2 to 3 years in one place and I’m getting ‘restless’ to see what is over the next mountain or across the oceans – LOL. 🙂


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