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trued has arrived on Blog …

Hello trued! Good to see you here.

Feel free to leave Posts/Comments and join in the discussions. I’m sure everyone is excited to catch up with you.

Enjoy the Blogosphere!


6 comments to trued has arrived on Blog …

  • Ken

    And who, pray tell, is Trued? Ken

  • Sally Trued, Mike Trued

    My brother and I were in Saigon with our folks from 1958 to 1960. My Dad worked with JDP as an economic advisor. Mike had a considerably more exciting life than I did, as he was a teenager and had a motorbike, while I was only 10 and in the hulahoop set. More later.

  • Sondra Shankey-Ewell

    Hi to Sally! If you would like, I have a good picture of your brother and myself at what we refered to as a prom. We doubled with my sister, Vicki, and her date, Kurt.
    Where did you and Mike go after Saigon? Vicki and I arrived in Saigon in ’58 and came back to U.S. in ’62.

  • Sally Trued, Mike Trued

    Sondra, hi!
    That is so funny! I am letting Mike know so he can reply himself to you! But I know I’d like to see the picture myself. I’ve always felt he had a more exciting time in Saigon than I did.

    We moved back to the states after Saigon to NJ, then several moves around the US. Mike is living in VA now and works in DC at the EXIM Bank, and I’m in NY.

  • Sondra Shankey-Ewell

    Sally, hi back at you. Wow,I can’t believe it; thanks so much for replying! As you can see, I do not check my e-mail very often anymore, but now that a few of us are found, I plan on checking it more often. I will have my sister, Vicki, scan that picture
    and I’ll post it for all to see…
    We live a little south of Boston; my family lives in Pembroke, MA and Vicki’s in Plymouth.
    Christy Kent goes to VA quite often to visit her brother, Alan. I’ve gone along a few times. It’s beautiful there.
    Where in N.Y. does your family live?
    Vicki’s & my family (mom, dad,Etc) were from Rockland County N.Y. between Nyack and Bear Mt.
    My husband and I were married at West Point. Know the area or are you more upstate?
    Great hearing directly from you and do look forward to possibly hearing from and about Mike!
    Take care and, again, thanks alot.

  • Sally Trued, Mike Trued

    Sondra, same here with the delay in replying! I don’t go on regularly enough to catch messages in a timely manner…

    We live in Westchester just above NYC where my husband and I work.

    I am feeling really guilty today as my brother put in one of the suggestions for a name for the Saigon newsletter and he told me to be sure and vote but I forgot—so his suggestion lost by ONE vote.

    I’ll tell Mike to look at your message so he can respond himself.

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