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Vietnamese New Year Food – Món ngon ngày Tet – With Helen

This week Helen shares with us an assortment of New Year foods eaten in Vietnam.

Vietnamese celebrate New Year following the Lunar Calender. It’s the greatest festival of the year called Tet.

This video is a collection of foods for this special occasion. Recorded in Da Nang and Hoi An.

This year Tet is February 19, 2015.

Between now and Tet Helen will be showing us how to make some of the most popular Tet foods.

3 comments to Vietnamese New Year Food – Món ngon ngày Tet – With Helen

  • H.Clark

    Thank you! I’ve made banh phu the, or xu xe, for the first time; one of my childhood favorites. Turned out great!

    Nam moi chuc em van su nhu y.

  • Happy New Year to you, too, Huong.

    Are you planning to attend the gathering of Saigon Kids in Phoenix this summer?

    • H.Clark


      Thank you! Hope you receive lots of brand new $$$ in red envelopes during Tet. My mother always has some red envelopes for me for good luck. Us kids used to play cards, like the monopoly games, with those brand new $ and feeling rich for a few days. It’s an old tradition.

      It’s a yes and no to your question, because my plan has been changed out of my control. Yes, I plan to be in Arizona this summer to coincide with the last day of the SKs reunion; however, I plan to be in Surprise, AZ only, not at the Wigwam, for just one day to visit with a very dear, old friend whom I haven’t seen in ten years. Will have a late lunch in Surprise on Sun, Aug 2, fly out next morning, Mon, Aug 3.

      If at all possible, in early evening I will rush by and get away, but while there I would be honored to have time enough to meet the Thomases, the Stoddards, Sarah, and Bob if he is going to be there, and any other SKs at the Wigwam. Maybe you could sweet talk the armed guard there to make it happen? Just kidding! Come to think of it, anyone who survived Bien Hoa could/would do that, n’est ce pas?

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