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Most Cobnobanacious Bruce Thomas 1961All of us who attended American Community School Saigon during the 1960-61 school year know that Bruce Thomas was declared *The Most Cobnobanacious* guy (along with Ann Fox as The Most Cobnobanacious girl). Yes, Women’s Lib was in place at ACS — even back then it was equality for all, boys and girls! Except of course, within the ranks of The Clods who everyone knew were superior ALL – LOL – 🙂

The Question Today IS?

Should Bruce retain his *CROWN* as The Most Cobnobanacious?

Or, should he be ousted from the throne and a new Most Cobnobanacious voted in?

Come on, he has been *on the throne* for 55 years now! Can anyone be Cobnobanacious for that many years?! That’s 5 1/2 decades! Half a century!

Place your votes in the Comments section below.

(Stuffing the ballot box is permitted as long as you don’t get caught. If caught you’ll be prosecuted to the fullest extent of Clod Law.)

From *High Water Pants* in the 1960s to *Davy Crockett Coonskin Cap* in 2015 we bring you the reigning *Most Cobnabanacious* – Bruce Thomas!!!

Give it up for Bruce, Saigon Kids…

This is a Cobnobanacious advertisement by the Campaign Committee to keep Bruce Thomas *on the throne* in 2015.

Bruce Thomas Coonskin Cap

This is Bruce Thomas incumbent for Most Cobnobanacious, and I approve of this message.

Voting is now open in the Comments below.

Don’t be Cobnobanacious!

This is a once in a life time event … 🙂


11 comments to VOTE FOR *MOST COBNOBANACIOUS* 2015

  • Deb Martin

    Yes I vote for him though I never knew him. However each year he should up date his hat. Maybe he should wear one of those Vietnamese cone hats with decorations on it, like a small dancing Dragon that they used to have at Tet time. I could concoct one for him next year. I concider myself a miliner. Deb Spohr Martin

  • Deb Martin

    My friend Doris Gracy has written a wonderful book called “A Year in Vietnam: 1964: Memoir of a Unique Experience“. It brought back so many memories for me of being a kid in Vietnam that I had forgotten. She even has photographs in it of my family, our servant helpers and and her doing my hair. The book is a wonderful read of her experiences as a very young married woman traveling to Vietnam living there on her own, as her husband served in the U.S. Air Force. A Year in Vietnam: 1964: Memoir of a Unique Experience is available on Amazon for about $9.00.

  • Michael Smith

    It would be a shame to vote anyone else in as the most, “COBNOBANACIOUS” after 55 plus years, so my backing goes to Bruce to finish it until the Rapture of Jesus our Christ returns to take us all back home with Him, so again I say, Amen for Bruce Thomas.

  • Suellen Campbell

    Cobnobanacious for 55+ years, Bruce deserves at least tenure by now, or emeritus status. One enthusiastic vote for Bruce here!

  • H.Clark

    After half a century! No wonder Bruce’s coonskin cap appears a “little” small on him. Let’s see… his smile has some semblance of Fess Parker’s, too. “De tout facon, pas mal du tout pour un vieil homme.” 🙂

    I would say his cap is more colorful, well preserved, than those I saw hanging on a pole at the Fess Parker’s winery in Santa Barbara, in the website he provided. I’d probably check them out in my travels. Who knows I might get lucky to have one more photograph taken with one of the Parkers, I know I can parler my way for it. If successful, I might send it in as my ad. Just kidding!

    We need more ads for a fair vote, or he will retain his crown forever, and that means a looong time! Waiting to see more ads, I vote for Bruce for now.

    • Huong – I’ve heard of teeny weeny poke a dot bikini’s … BUT … I’ve never ever heard of a teeny weeny poke a dot coonskin cap … UNTIL…. Now!! LOL — are you starting to understand why he was/is Most Cobnobanacious?!

      By the way, if you are not familiar with *The Clods* and *Cobnobanacious* you may want to read this article — CLICK HERE.

      PS: Don’t be surprised if The Clods rig the voting — LOL –:)

  • Cathie McIntyre

    Put me down as voting for Bruce, a former classmate. Tenacity and tenure have their rewards.

  • H.Clark


    Oh My! it took me a while but thanks to the readers digest version in the link, I started to understand better. You’re sure there were no CLODDETTES, non?


  • Maile Doyle

    I totally vote for my former classmate, Bruce! He has worn his cap proudly all these years! LOL

  • Kevin L. Wells

    I would like to point out that the only names associated with Cobnobanacious are Bruce Thomas and Ann Fox.

    Do a Google search and see what you get. It is Bruce Thomas all the way with Ann Fox with one mention.

    With such limited application of the word, I doubt I could get it into the Oxford English Dictionary, but it may be worth a try!


    • Kevin – Good luck with that! Umm … what definition are you going to submit to Oxford English Dictionary? – 🙂

      Might have better luck with submitting to the Urban Dictionary – LOL – but, again the definition could be problematic.

      The word has no meaning because Cobnobanacious people were *meaningless* (according to The Clods, anyway) since they weren’t Clods – LOL

      FYI Bruce Thomas and Ann Fox are the *ONLY* people in the universe to ever be voted *The Most Cobnobanacious*, which could explain the limited association factor.

      Rock Onnnn…


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