April 2024
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Well that took longer than expected

Hi Everyone,

If you’re seeing this, you are visiting the site on the new server. That move has been completed, now it just needs to replicate on the DNS servers worldwide.

I will be removing all of the ads on the sidebar. They’re all linked to Bob’s accounts that are being discontinued.  The move to the new server brings a great reduction in costs too. Basically my only additional cost to host this site is the price of renewing the domain name and I’ll use Bob’s funds to extend this one for 5 years once his estate is settled. He was pretty specific about his wishes to keep this site running, so I will.

It has been one heck of a month here at Chez Mel and I haven’t forgotten about you.  My surgery went well. I had one little setback and ended up home for an extra week.  I actually go back to the office in the morning after working from home for the last 2 weeks, wish me luck. I’m feeling good but my energy has not yet come back. They say that’s pretty typical for Sleeve surgery and it takes a few months to get it back.  I did win some money on the office squares for the Superbowl, so there’s some incentive to get moving in the morning.

I have not forgotten my promise to write a bit about Bob. He was an interesting character, but also very private, so I’ll do my best to convey his personality, and his life, without violating his trust.

In the mean time, as Bob would say, Rock Onnnnnnn  and I’ll add my wish for the world: Peace.



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