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Where have all the bloggers gone?

I know it’s summer time but surely some folks are staying home and enjoying “balconia” as the Germans say. And if you have gone off to some exotic spot, I hope you will have something interesting to write about when you get back and read this.

I was recently in Brussels for a few days, followed by a couple of days in Stockholm. Both trips were enjoyable, but the train ride to Brussels was the best. Train travel has it all over flying in my book. Here in Europe, the hassle at the airport is much less than in the U.S. from my experience…Our DHS people are just paranoid to the nth degree….terrible. Certainly the Germans and the Swedes do a thorough job, but they just seems to do it better and nicer. DHS should send some people to Europe for training on how to be nice and still do a good job.

Sweden is always a pleasure to revisit as my Foreign Service career started there and my son was born there. While the summer days are long and lovely, when it isn’t raining, the winters are also long and dreary…not nice at all and not all that much snow either if my memory serves me correctly (and that is getting rarer each day). Both Sweden and Belgiam are expensive, more than Germany. The food in Belgium is excellent and the pomme frites (double fried French fries) are to dream about….so crispy. Sweden was never known for its cuisine but they do have good seafood and some wonderful specialities that i won’t go into here. I would gain weight in both countries (hell, i could gain weight standing in the middle of the Saraha eating nothing for a week).

Am I going to Saigon in March or not….just don’t know at this point. Not too many of the old hands that i knew seem to be going and while it is always nice to meet new people, I have to admit its the folks that I knew in the good old days that I really want to swap lies with. Brooks, Maile, Barbara B., Fred Bonner, Larry Smith….go, please so I can go.

Well, I gotta run. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Be carefule…lots of idiots out there on the highway…Oh i drive a silver Audi, so be careful if I’m around.

Hugs to all, Ken

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  • Admin

    Great post Ken! And, a good question … where has everyone one gone? It is interesting to note, during the past 9 days there have been on average 60 to 80 people visiting the Blog per day, but there has only been one post (yours today) and one comment (yours about Cheap Charlie’s, several days ago). Yet, during the same time there have been 164 spammers comments left (but I filter them out so they never appear on the Blog … lol). Hmm … spammers leave posts and comments, but few of our Blog members do … hmmm … puzzling, isn’t it?!

    Thanks for a great post, Ken. Good to hear from you and that you are enjoying yourself as you travel around over there … 🙂


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