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Will Judy Find Her Old Home – In Viet-nam

Judy has probably arrived in Viet-nam now.

If you have signed up to Friends Connect on our Blog, you most likely already know this by now.

Judy has created a Blog to record her March 13th – April 4th trip to Viet-nam and Cambodia.

You can follow her on her adventures to Saigon, Mekong Delta, Dalat, Siem Reap, Angkor Wat, DaNang, Hoi An, Ha Noi, Halong Bay and Sapa by … Clicking Here Now … to visit her Blog.

I’ve also added a link to her Blog on the left Menu under Great Sites see Judy’s Vietnam and Cambodia.

This will get exciting as she updates her Blog and uploads pictures to it as she travels along.

Many thanks, Judy, for creating your Blog and sharing your trip with all us Saigon Kids –    🙂

Rock Onnn …     🙂


PS: Will Judy find her old homes in Vietnam? Stay tuned to find out!

6 comments to Will Judy Find Her Old Home – In Viet-nam

  • UPDATE: According to one of Judy’s friends, she made it to Saigon okay … and is enjoying her first days in Saigon while adjusting to *jet lag*. But, Judy is having problems sending and receiving email, and has been unable to submit content to her Blog. Something to do with some kind of ‘security’ issues over there. She was hoping to attempt Internet communications from a public computer at her hotel.


  • Olivia, Judy’s daugther, has updated Judy’s Blog . Judy is still having problems logging into email, Facebook, Blog, etc. from Viet-nam. She found her old house in Saigon. She is now in Dalat looking for her home there. She’ll keep trying to connect to the Internet at each of her stops in Viet-nam and Cambodia. Until then visit her Blog to read the complete update reports being left by others as Judy checks in by phone. The link to her Blog is in the post above an on the Menu here (left side under Great Sites).


    • Kenneth R. Yeager

      It would be great if Judy could take some photos of the old Dalat school where she, her sisters and I attended….I’m sure my old Dalat school mates would enjoy them as well. Ken

      • Ken – According to a friend of Judy’s and her daughter, Judy is taking A LOT of pictures … and she’ll be making them available once she can get an Internet connection, etc.

  • March 19th Update from Judy in Dalat.

    On To Dalat …

    This is Olivia again, I got an email from mom today (She seems to have some limited access) so I thought I would post what she sent:

    I am in Dalat. Yesterday, I found my home here…Took many pictures…I am unbelievably thrilled that it is still here. Finding everything is like an emotional reunion with my childhood…I also found my school…Found the block with my best friend’s home. I will go back to look further tomorrow. I took a jeep ride to some peaks that we use to hike, to look out over the Dalat area. It was very pretty.

    You can read the complete update by clicking the link in the Post above to visit Judy’s Blog.

  • Judy’s Blog has been updated. She found her old houses in Saigon and Dalat (see pix on her blog). She is now in Cambodia enjoying herself greatly. Visit her blog to see what she is up too.

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