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Would You Do This For $1 Million and Guaranteed Stardom?

During my early days as a journalist I discovered *odd and strange* news. I’ve been a fan of it every since.

So, today while passing the time away in the wood shop with the radio blasting away playing that good ole’ rock n roll music, they announced a bit of *strange* news – lol.

It seems a British billionaire, Alki David, is offering $1 million to the first person who manages to streak naked in front of Barack Obama.

About 3 months ago the Nigerian born businessman launched the Battlecam web site. The site offers people large sums of money if they perform and video crazy stunts (pranks) and stream them live through the site.

As a publicity stunt to promote the site he initially offer $100,000 to the first person to streak the President. But, after being told the prize was *not enough* for such a daring prank, Tuesday he raised the stakes to $1 Million.

There is a catch though. The person has to have the website’s name scrawled across their stomach.

Upon being questions about claims he was creating a security risk for the President, he responded with – *he only urged participants to undertake the challenge in an area where they would not get arrested for indecency*.

Umm … excuse me, but when did you say the next time Obama was going to be at a nudist camp !?! – LOL – 🙂

Well, so far, 160 *serious* applicants have contacted him about the dare.

Well there you have it Saigon Kids, if you want to make a quick $1 Million and be hurled to global stardom … all you have to do is run naked in front of Obama with a website scrawled across your stomach while your *performance* is being streamed live around the world over the Internet.

Oh, one last thing – you’ll be responsible for your own fines and legal fees, etc. for whatever you might be charged with – I’m sure they’ll find (or make up) some law(s) that you’ve violated – LOL.

Having said the above, lets all *streak* back in time together …

Oh, heck … just watch the video – LOL – 🙂

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