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YOUR GRANDFATHER’S SABRE: Pre-Publication Announcement


Sales are now open on Amazon.com

Book Offically Released Today August 2nd

See Details Below


Saigon Kid – Dave Von Kotzebue – has been writing a book for the past few years. His mother has passed away, but he has written the book “Your Grandfather’s Sabre” in her honor.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Her father’s Cavalry sabre is Kitty McCullough’s first memory, an heirloom she passes on to her West Point son. Now, she doesn’t even have it to show for her 55 years of military life. Homelessness looms, but Kitty is a fighter. The fight for her benefits leads her all the way to the U.S. Senate.

Before World War 2, a young Kitty enjoys life on the tropical Philippine island of Corregidor. The Japanese attack on the same day as Pearl Harbor. A hasty evacuation spirits Kitty and her family away, but her father and his troops defend “the Alamo of the Pacific.” All that makes it off the island hellhole is his saber.

After World War 2 Kitty marries Buck, her childhood sweetheart and a war hero. Kitty supports Buck from bombed-out Germany to Saigon’s bloody streets, and adds five children to their fold. A second evacuation hastens her and her family out of war-torn Vietnam.

Her marriage collapses when Kitty finds out about Buck’s lover in Vietnam. They divorce, and Kitty struggles to survive, since divorcées receive no benefits.

Will Kitty’s testimony before Congress save her and tens of thousands like her from homelessness? Will Uncle Sam honor her life of service? Your Grandfather’s Saber tells the exciting story.”


Your Grandfather's Sabre Cover

[ Read “Comments” below to see pictures from the book – Brinks Hotel bombing and ACS Cheerleaders. ]

“Your Grandfather’s Sabre” is about his mother’s life as a military “Brat and Wife” with several interesting chapters about her Saigon experiences.

“Your Grandfather’s Sabre” is being released today August 2nd with a book signing by Dave at Clear Creek Books, 1200 Washington Avenue, Golden, CO.


For 58 years, Kitty has been an Army brat, Army wife and Army mother, yet when it comes time to retire, the military says she doesn’t qualify for a pension – not even half her husband’s of 28 years. Your Grandfather’s Sabre will transport you into Kitty’s world and the world of military families.

Join the fights of the warriors, cry the tears of the widows, feel the struggles of the children and the triumphs of those who give all. Then prepare to rally around Kitty as she takes her story of a lifetime of service and sacrifice all the way to congress to battle for fairness for abandoned military wives and their families against an unfair regulation.

Laugh and cry through history through the eyes of a 3rd generation Army officer, gaining new appreciation for some of the epic battles both on the front lines and on the home front.

Dave’s book is now available on Amazon.com


About the Author
David Kotzebue lived the stories on these pages and heard the accounts of these epic battles (both foreign and domestic) from the survivors themselves. Himself, the third generation of military servants in this amazing family, David tells the story that has seldom been heard, that of the family behind the soldier – the Military Family – his family!

This is sure to be a “must read” for all Saigon Kids … and military wives – past and present!

Captivating… Brilliantly written… Wonderfully fresh human perspective about a multi-generational military family. Remarkably entertaining story, a must-read for everybody who has considered or experienced military service. —Kay Tyson, Literary Critic

Kotzebue s amazing descriptions of sights, sounds and smells quickly transports the reader back to the heart of Corregidor, the European front or Saigon. In reading, Your Grandfather s Sabre, I was married to the Army once again and ready to join in Kitty’s fight!!! A must-read for all generations of Army wives. —~Diane Rousseau, Colonel (Ret), U.S. Army Nurse Corps

Your Grandfather s Sabre is quite compelling and well written…a great story line. –Julian M. Olejniczak 61 LTC, USA (Ret), Director of Publications –West Point Association of Graduates


As always, you’re welcome to leave your comments below.


5 comments to YOUR GRANDFATHER’S SABRE: Pre-Publication Announcement

  • Randy Seely

    Sounds like an interesting read; will look for it when it comes out!

  • Admin

    Here are a couple pictures from Dave’s book.

    Dave standing in front of the Brinks Hotel the day after it was bombed.

    Brinks Hotel Bombing

    Dave’s sister Mary Kay and Stevie Westmoreland practicing their Rah Rah Go Teenagers Ball Team cheers.

    Mary Kay and Stevie Cheering

    Dave tells me there are many other pictures of Saigon and some very interesting stories about his family’s Saigon experiences within the pages of “Your Grandfather’s Sabre” to be released on August 2nd.

    His publisher is in the process of listing the book on Amazon. I’ll let you know as soon as it is available on Amazon.


  • Bruce Thomas

    I just found and ordered a copy of “Your Grandfather’s Sabre” on Amazon.com

    • Admin

      Way to go Bruce!!! Supporting a Saigon Kid who put in the time and effort to tell his story!! You might possibly be the FIRST person to purchase Dave’s book.

      Come on Saigon Kids – EVERYONE buy a copy!!! Let’s drive it up the charts to the Best Seller List!!! Heck, buy several copies and give them away as gifts to people!!! I bet Dave will autograph them for you, if you ask him too!!


  • This week, my copy of “Your Grandfather’s Sabre” arrived from Amazon via U.S. Postal Service. It’s an enjoyable read, written like a novel rather than a stale chronological parade of dates and events. Good job, Dave!

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