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Submitted by Frank Stoddard (ACS)

ObituariesSaigon Kids Cathie, Lynn and Susan’s Mom passed away during September 2019 in North Carolina.

Mrs McIntyre was a very active in the Saigon Community including the Girl Scouts.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the family.


  • Cathie McIntyre

    Thank you for posting this. Our mother led a wonderful life and died at the age of 97 1/2 on Sept. 19, 2019, in Chapel Hill, NC. The memorial service will be held on November 9. Susan and Lynn and two granddaughters were by her side. I returned from Phnom Penh afterwards.

    Not only do we think our mother was extra special, we also think she left a legacy with her World War II service in the US Army Nurse Corps. She was one of the liberators of the Mauthausen concentration camp and took care of the just-freed prisoners. We’re very proud of her work.

  • Dear Cathy,
    Please accept my sincere condolences upon the passing of your very special mother. I don’t know if I met her, but perhaps I did. Was she in Saigon in the summer of ’59? If so, she would have been part of putting the American community play of “Arsenic and old Lace” which brought us all together there in Ole Saigon with roars of approving mirth, and created bonds never to be forgotten. My late father also served in WWII, we later lived at 40 Phùng Kh?c Khoan in ’58-’59, served in the Qui Nhon area ’68-’69, and I returned twice again for VN’s opening. Now they have a fleet of Boeings. How times have changed! I wonder if my father knew your mother? They were a great generation, and my forthcoming book will extol many of their virtues.
    Well, so, Cathy, when were you in good ole Saigon? You might be amused and even interested in a recent podcast I did covering trying to prevent Nixon from nuking Vietnam in ’72 by creating the Grateful Dead band in 1963. No Kidding. Many Deadheads are outraged by it, but some think it hilarious and timely. YouTube CRYPTOBEAST #19. Have you written a book or done a podcast? You probably should. Where are you these days, PP? Hope WE make 97.5!
    Best Regards,
    Chalmers “Chip” Wood 😉

    • Cathie McIntyre

      Chip, w lived in your house after you! We lived at 40 Phung Khac Khoan (Rue Miche) from 10/59-10/61. After that, Dad was posted to Baghdad, and Lynn and I attended boarding school in Beirut.

      I vacationed in Qui Nhon last April.

      Yep. I live in Phnom Penh and have been there for 5.5 years.

      Nope. I haven’t done a podcast, and the only book I have written is the computer class textbook for Cambodian 12th graders.

  • Maile M Doyle

    Cathie,Lynn and Susan, I send my deepest sympathy to you and your families on the loss of your mother. I did not know of her WWII work at Mauthausen.

    My grandfather, MG Fay Brink Prickett was the head judge of the military tribunal at Mauthausen sentencing 65 Germans to death for their war crimes. You can see him on YouTube at this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHNA9YyJh94 The film is in German, but my grandfather, in the middle, speaks in English. It is truly a small world!

    I’m so proud of our greatest generation and their willingness to serve.
    Love to you all, Maile

  • Cathie McIntyre

    Thank you, Maile. We are fortunate to have become old ourselves while our mother was still alive.

    How fascinating that you also have a connection to Mauthausen through your grandfather. I will certainly look at the YouTube video. The WW II generation was definitely special.

  • Kathie Koehl Beaty

    Hi Cathie and Maile
    We knew each other in Saigon. I lived there from 1960 to 1963. Cathie I believe you were dating Ernie. I can’t remember his last name. Maile you and Jean Ann Langon and I were friends
    Cathie please accept my sympathy on the loss of your mother. My mother was evacuated from Saigon in April of 1963 with TB and hepatitis. She died that October. My dad Col L H Koehl is still alive. He turned 100 in May of this year. My husband and dad and I live in Lakeland Fl
    I would love to hear from you both

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