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Thank you Saigon Kids

Hello again, this is Melanie.

I want to thank you all for your responses to my previous post. I responded to a few in the comments there but there are so many names that I recognize as Bob’s friends and I don’t want to miss anyone, so please accept my heartfelt condolences for your loss of our friend too. He had a beautiful soul and loved everyone.

Bob created this site as an act of love and he certainly would appreciate how much you all cared. Frank, who was one of Bob’s friends beyond Saigon, asked that I write more about his life. I will do that, but it will be a week or two. Bob was a Jack of many Trades, and he loved to “talk story” as they used to do in Hawaii, so I have quite the repertoire of subjects to choose from. I don’t want to turn this into a memorial site to Bob though, so I’ll choose a few and write one more time about him. After that, we’re back to just being Saigon Kids together, and if you’ll all allow me to be an honorary one while I take care of his website, I’d be honored.

I am going on medical leave myself, having a small procedure on my stomach on Friday. I’ll be in the hospital overnight and home for 2 weeks. Once I get through the initial healing, I’ll have some time to write a bit. My daughter is also coming in to help me for a week, and while she’s nursing me she will also be the webmistress that moves this site from Bob’s host to mine.

I hope your holidays were wonderful, and here’s to a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year for all of us.

5 comments to Thank you Saigon Kids

  • Marie perry wright

    Thank you so much Melanie for thinking of us through all that you have been through! I hope you get through your medical procedure easily and know that we are thankful to have you as our honorary member!

  • Mel,
    Maybe, just an idea to ponder, instead of writing it, which is actually quite stressful work for the ole brain, all those pesky little black on white cornered and curving squiggles, symbols, and thingees etc, and rules rules rules out the Ying & Yang , just get in the appropriate sad/carry-on/redemption mood/etc, have a friend sit with and help & support etc you, have a general timeline/outline on the table in front of you to glance at, with A GOOD TESTED RECORDER that will do the whole thang, and a coffee, and just tell us the whole shebang story from the scene when and how you first laid eyes on dashing young Bob…
    Why not start making it beautiful & romantic,the two of you, Saigon, what ever… then steadfast in union, him working this site, special stories, his love of history etc etc etc and soon as you well know, his brave decline, his light goes out forever, what ever as it was for you at that moment, YOUR loss, recovery, sorrow, redemption, flashes of new joy as Bob would wish upon you, (as do us all) and now the winding path before you, (and us too) beaconing us all, calling to you: “Where fore art thou Oh Mel, Oh Mel…” And as we look ahead up its winding way to the far horizon, help us feel it gently seducing us, ever so gently as we friends smile, maybe Bob is watching Gratefully, our eyes bright with knowing you can do you your best, and if you do your best with it, you’ll salivate a bit when you get it, and be strangely satisfied…
    SEE, What little Alma does with just four notes to great music, you can CERTAINLY do with a story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nz0OAcYknyw
    Then, when you’ve maybe slept & dreamed on that: ponder ole Vietnam, so far away in the West… far in the WEST… And let Patricia Janeckova sing to you: “Once upon a Time in the West…” Whatever happens, it’s OK Mel… Then… when you have it all together, let her rip: Full Tilt super-calm Boogie. All that’s EASY. Piece of cake in fact.
    Then comes the hard and miserable part:putting the recording to paper or screen, cutting the dross, however long that seems right TO YOU, (FRANKLY, MAYBE EVEN A BOOK SOME DAY, but a good summary for all of us Old Saigon Hands in a few weeks s you say…, and polish it a bit with a little time. We’ll wait, nolo problemo. Bear in mind young kids will almost certainly be reading your text long after we are all gone. Our historic time in Saigon at a globally crucial time will get more and more important with time as has, for example, the Battle of Lexington, which preceded our whole revolution, and changed the whole world forever.
    So did “then Saigon”.
    SO: Hip – Hip!

  • chalmers Benedict Wood II

    Oops, line 8, 14th word is ‘so on’ not “soon”

  • Last thoughts I hope. Indeed, not a memorial. Maybe new beginning for all of us. As with much ‘modern’ new-writing, you can speak with Bob’s voice. So Instead of “Bob said he was one day walking up To Doe St and…” Just quote him directly at length. Bob: “I was Dah De Dah D D D…” Just get the gists of his intent, meaning, and maybe lesson learned. You don’t have to get his every words exactly. As you remember him/it is fine. Your readers are quite bright on this whole period, so they will understand and get it. Trust them to cut you a lot of slack with heart felt kindness. Good luck, and at your own pace! Tally Hoe! Just ask if I can help in any way, if you’re comfy with that. But beware! I can go on and On and ON… Chip

  • Dave Burford

    Thanks much for carrying on in Bob’s stead. Best of luck with your medical issue, hope you have a speedy and as pain-free a recovery as possible.

    In the meantime: Best Wishes to you and all the Saigon Kids out there for a Most Happy and Healthy New Year!

    Regards, Dave

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