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A Little of This and a Little of That…..

Well, summer seems to be over in Germany….temperatures dropped by about 18 degrees in one night. 75F one day and 57F the next….brrrrr. That’s the problem with working during the summer, you miss it….one day its summer and the next its fall. And I know that by the time I get home on 1 October, the yard will be full of damn leaves and soon after that, snow. According to what I’ve been reading, this could be a hum-dinger of a winter…or so says the Old Farmer’s Almanac. .

As I have written previously, I am currently in Frankfurt but will be heading home as of 1 October as the fiscal year 2008 for the U.S. Government will be over and my services no longer required until July of 2009, perhaps….if there is any money around after we pay for the damn Iraq war. I will stay away from that political horse.

The year has been a good one except for my bronchitis and, according to the doctor this morning, whooping cough….that scared me cause I always thought that whooping cough was a serious disease or sickness and it is, but for children, but not so much for adults (which I think I am physically if not mentally).

Not sure what will happen between October and December…we want to take a trip to Fuerteventura, which is a Spanish island off the coast of Morocco in the Atlantic. Some friends go there every year and I’d like to try it. We already did two weeks on Sylt which is an island in the north sea (I think I already wrote about that) but I really want to save the $$$ for the reunion….we shall see. I’m supposed to come into some money from the sale of my mother’s house but when that will happen is unsure because of the housing situation in the US currently. Isn’t Republican leadership wonderful???? Whoops, back off Yeager….New Year’s Eve is booked already. Gonna stay in a nice little hotel, have a super dinner and evening entertainment, breakfast and a quick trip home, which is only about 5 minutes away by car. Drinking and driving in Germany is a very strict no-no, so a hotel it is for the night OR we have to just stay home. Nah.

So Harriet Strong, wherever you are, I am so sorry I failed to remember your name. I know it’s too late to start, but I wish I would have written a diary during my life…not that my life is all that interesting, but at least I would remember the names of the ladies of my life (yes, there has been more than one). But being a gentleman, I shall remain silent. Suzy Hunt still hasn’t been found or reported for duty and no one yet has come up with a name for that other lovely lady that Bob was so kind to post a photo of. Will I have to hang my head in shame again? To all Saigon Kids, if you have contact with other SKs who have not gotten on to Roy’s or Bob’s sites, shake ‘em up and get them to sign up and start blogging so we can find everyone who experienced our wonderful times in Saigon.

I have to laugh at myself sometimes when I think of folks like Brooks Toland or Maile Miller because today they are both grandmothers and I still think of them as kids and our time in Saigon. The time has passed so quickly and here we are in the latter years of our lives and the memories are as sharp as if they were just yesterday. I think Roy’s and Bob’s websites have rejuvenated me in some ways….Perhaps I remain thrilled by all of this because I didn’t know about the previous reunions and those of you who attended, got to renew old acquaintances and I haven’t had the pleasure except thru emails, the blogs and the occasional phone call. And if I go to Saigon and those “kids” I knew aren’t there, it will be a major disappointment for me. And I really want to go……Perhaps if I lived in the US I’d make it a point to travel around and visit some of you but being here on the continent, well, it ain’t that easy, is it?

OK, I have rambled on enough and probably made some of you gag, so I’ll quit for now. But I will be back. To all – be good, be safe and blog when you can. Ciao – Ken

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  • Admin

    Great post Ken! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    I didn’t know they had a Germany Farmer’s Almanac.

    I’m sure you friend “Da Squirrel” will be awaiting your arrival home … bet, he now has many many friends and relatives ready to greet you and welcome you home, also. LOL

    Umm? I thought the picture of the girl at the Cercle Sportif (Harriet) and the picture of the girl at the party were the same girl … they kinda look a like to me… have I mistakenly identified both pictures as Harriet’s????

    Enjoy the nice warm weather there .. lol .. it was 45F here last night but back up into the 70’s today 🙂

    So, Ken … are you a member of the Polar Bear Club over there??? LOL

    Have a wonderful journey homeward …


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