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American Community School Music Books Found In 3rd Field Hospital Library

by Darryl Henley
Third Field Hospital
1965 – 1967

I was assigned to the Army’s 3rd Field Hospital in 1965, shortly after your school closed forever.

The hospital library was located to the left of the main entrance, and was
probably the school’s library as well.

One day I found a pile of musical manuscript books in a corner, about 6 or 8
of them. Each had a student’s name on it. I still have two of them, as they
were hardly used.

The names are:

Kristie Walther, Senior Class 64, Vocal
Virginia Ritchie, #4

Each book had some penciled in songs:

“Make new friends”
“Marching to Pretoria”
“Inch Worm”

I also have copies, incomplete, of one of your yearbooks, and a letter to one of
our doctors written by your former school principal. That was several years

I was at the hospital from 1965 to 1967 and took hundreds of photos of the
buildings, inside and out, and also from the air, which I still have.

Let me know if you have any interest.

Darryl Henley
Los Banos, CA
pontem [@] sbcglobal.net

3 comments to American Community School Music Books Found In 3rd Field Hospital Library

  • Les Arbuckle

    I was a student at ACS in 1963-64. I played in the band which was directed by Mrs. Schaffer who I believe is still alive. Her son, Harrison, has posted on Saigon Kids, though he never responded to the message I sent him. Too bad you don’t have the rest of the books!

  • Harrison Shaffer

    Hi Les,
    I apologize for not responding when you contacted me a couple of years ago. I got sidetracked and then always seemed to be too busy working ro follow up on correspondence.
    The message about the ACS music books is especially interesting to me because Kristie Walther was the daughter of one of my mother’s music teachers at the University of Denver in the 1940s. He was with USOM (USAID) in Saigon. My mom is still living in her home in Denver and doing fine at 86.
    I will look up your previous message and finally respond in the netx few days.
    Best regards,
    Harrison Shaffer

  • Sarah J Rogers

    Any ‘leads’ on Kristie Walther? We need to find her and her sister!

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