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Another of Ken’s lost Lovely Ladies …

Here is a picture of yet another one of Ken’s Lost Lovely Ladies. Ken needs your help to identify her. 🙂

Ken's lost lady

If you know her, please leave your comments below.


UPDATE: 9/23/08

This Lost Lovely Lady has now been identified as Suzanne Hunt, Vice President of the Sophomore class 196___


27 comments to Another of Ken’s lost Lovely Ladies …

  • Ken

    Bob, yes, I’d like to remember who she is but that is not the photo I pointed to. Its the one with the gal sitting down and her arm in the air like she just flipped her hair back….White blouse with a plaid skirt…check it out. ken

  • Admin

    OHH! That one! LOL … Umm I thought she was Harriet, but just another picture of her with the “dry look” instead of the “wet look” at the Cercle Sportif 🙂

    Okay, so if I have this correct then … “The Girl In Plaid” is not Harriet and still remains unidentified.

    Geezzz Man, I beginning to think we are going to have to set up a separate department and hire a full time staff just to keep track of your lost Lovely Ladies …. 🙂

    “The Quest” continues …. lol


  • Ken

    Good idea…let’s do it. Ken

  • Admin

    And, let me guess, Ken … you are thinking along the lines of an all female staff of “Lovely Ladies” … correct???!

    LOL 🙂


  • Alice Ahlgren Blackburn


    I think that’s Suzanne Hunt – sweet sue – male magnet- Texan. It’s a slightly different hairdo from my yearbook but the face is the same. She was the Vice President of the Sophomore class.

  • Admin

    There ya go Ken … you got an ID … LOL

    My only question is, Ken, how could you forget “sweet Sue” the Texas male magnet??!! ha ha ha ha 🙂


  • Admin


    What year was she VP of the sophomore class?


  • Ken

    Somehow that is not how I remember Suzy Hunt, but you may be right, Alice. Hummm, I’ll have to check out my Gecko when I get home next Wednesday. Well, that would solve another mystery. Anyone had contact with her over the years? Would love to chat with her and find out what she’s done over the years… thanks Alice.

    Best to all – Ken

  • Admin

    Oh, and just “HOW” do you remember her, Ken????!!! … or, dare we ask! HA HA HA HA HA 🙂


  • Alice Ahlgren Blackburn

    Bob and Ken,

    Suzie was VP in 1963. We were also “Rainbow Girls” and worked together on the Gecko staff. Gee, I miss all you guys.

  • Admin

    Alice, what are “Rainbow Girls” ?


  • Ken

    One evening I was at Suzy’s house and her dad’s Air Force cap was near the front door. He was a Lt.Col. at the time and wore a silver oak leave on his cap. I reversed it so that the stem was sticking up. I understand he was questioned about it the next day while wearing it.

    Sorry Sir.

    True Story (certainly the part of me reversing the oak leave on the cap….)


    Ken, did this show up in your State Dept pre-employment back ground investigation by the FBI? … LOL


  • RandySeely

    Yep…that’s Suzy Hunt before shorter hair! I had a crush on her, as well…but we WERE good friends. Funny story about her dad’s cap, Ken…isn’t it amazing how ‘resourceful’ we were as teens? It’d be great if we could ALL get together as one big group and share what I know would be hours of laughs and tears about the days we all shared together! I can only hope…

  • Admin

    Randy …. “Dreams Do Come True” … 🙂


  • frank

    I would not have recognized Suzy in this picture. Her hair style certainly changed from the summer of 62. I guess by 63-64 girls hair style was more poofed up! Yea! I tried to locate Suzy back in 1999-2000, before the first reunion…but failed!

    [Frank, your failer doesn’t surprise me. You always did fail a lot at finding girls … lol … ha ha ha … Bob]

  • Maile Miller Doyle

    Hey all,
    I tried to google Suzy and was not successful. I have such great memories of times spent with her at her house & mine. Hermother was one of the 4th grade teachers and a Girl Scout leader. My sister and I found pictures of her in some of my mother’s things this summer.

    On a sad note, I have been away from this blog, because I lost my mother in July. You may remember that I took her to West Point over Memorial weekendfor my Father’s 70th class reunion. We had a great time. Her death was sudden, but she was 90 years old. She is buried at Arlington with my father.

    Life does go on and I ma so glad to have this opportunity to share childhood memories with so many of you.

    I sure hope we can find Suzy Hunt. 🙂 Maile

  • aliceahlgren


    I am so very sorry to hear about your Mom. I lost my dad on September 6, 2007 and I still miss him terribly. Hugs to you.


  • Admin


    I’m sorry to hear about your mom, as I’m sure all SKs are.


    I’m sorry to hear about your dad too.

    ((((BIG HUGS)))))
    for both of you 🙂


  • Maile Doyle

    Thanks Alice, Ken & Bob for your sympathy. It is greatly appreciated.

    Bob, I really commend you on this site. I know it seems to ebb and flow, but your consistent attention is a great blessing to us all. We appreciate your hard work to keep us informed and attentive to staying in touch.


  • Admin

    Maile, thank you for your kind words. It is my pleasure be blessed with the ability to be able to create such a site as ours. Dang, now you are making me blush … cuz as you know I was always ‘bashful Bob’ … lol 🙂

    Take care Maile … you are in my thoughts and prayers.


  • Frank

    Yea, Right Bob…’bashful’!!

  • Ken

    To all – Just a word, please. Brooks (Toland) Kasson also lost her mother recently as did I (January). I’m sure she would love to hear from some of you. Ken

  • Bobbie Sheehan Mauch

    I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. She was such a grand lady and so good to all of us, especially my Mom. I remember her so well. We spent alot of time on your balcony. Remember all those things you were teaching me when I first arrived in Saigon. I was so lucky to meet you first and get so educated. It really prepared me for the next two years!!!! Take care and much love to you and your family.

  • Kathy Connor Dobronyi

    I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of so many parents. Keep them alive in your stories told to friends and families.

    Alice, you commented that Suzie was also a Rainbow Girl. My neighbor Randy Ryan was also a Rainbow Girl.

    Were their other Masonic groups such as Eastern Star or DeMolay present in Saigon at the time?

  • Ken Y

    Despite 28 years of marriage, I contingue to seek the whereabouts of one Suzie Hunt. If any of the newer bloggers know anything about where she might be hiding, please make the information known.
    And it goes without saying, there are a number of SKs missing from the right column of Bob’s blog here. If you know someone who has not connected and can contact them, please do so.
    And its time to start putting some comments on the blogs. Let’s get with it, kids(?). LOL. Ken

    • Admin

      Ken – thanks for the nudge … lol 🙂

      re: Suzie Q – last I heard from someplace/someone she was in Texas. Search Texas – lol.

      Just for informational purpose – the only SKs listed over there on the Menu are one’s who have actually ‘registered’ on the Blog. There are many SKs who come to the Blog but have never ‘registered’ on the Blog.

      Maybe we need a SKs Committee to spearhead “Connect With Saigon Kids” effort – as the Saigon Kids “Bail-In” Program! – LOL 🙂

      Rock on …


  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    This seems to have been a difficult few months for us SK’s as I,too, lost my beloved mother this past Thanksgiving. We loved to share the stories of our Saigon days together, and sadly Dad cannot remember them any longer.
    So glad we have this website for sharing memories and pictures and movies of a memorable place few others can relate to.Thanks Bob.

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