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locked out

Bob, I am not sure what I did, but my saved password for the gallery did not work, and when I attempted a few times it banned me.


[Admin Note: Please see the email I sent you yesterday which included a new password for you to access the photo gallery.

For […]

Blog Tips: The ‘Secret Code’ of Internet Slang Revealed

While communicating with other Saigon Kids some have asked me what different Internet slang terms and abbreviation mean (not that I tend to overly use them or anything like that! ). Hence, the thought occurred to me that we all have different levels of ‘computerese’ … some of us have been on the computer for […]

Blog Tips: Quick way to view most recent Posts and Comments

Awhile back Mimi asked if there was a way to view the most recent Posts and Comments on the Blog without having to look through all the different and many Categories. The answer is yes, there are a couple of different ways to view the most recent Post and Comments.

Normal methods:

1. View Comments: […]

Photo Gallery – Is Now Open

Our Saigon Kids Photo Gallery is now open and functional. I’ve posted a few pictures and albums of American Community School to start things off. I’ll be posting additional albums and pictures of common interests later. In the mean time you can create your own albums and post your own pictures, if you want too.


Blog Tips: Comments

Mimi asked this question:

Is there a way to know when a new “Comment” is added to a Post, even in an Archived Post?

Good question, Mimi. I’m going to answer it here, as I think it will be of interest to others on our Blog.

The answer is: Yes — If you are a […]