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Deja Vu: Vietnam Part 9 (Saigon Central City)

We continue with Part 9 of the 16 part series Deja Vu: Vietnam. The series of videos is made using Google Earth to focus in on various parts of Saigon and surrounding areas of Vietnam. Then overlaid with video footage filmed in 2007 with ‘fade backs’ of videos and photos going back to various time points in prior years. Some all the way back to 1882 Saigon.

Now in Part 9 we’ll continue our visit around the central city area of Saigon visiting Hai Ba Trung Street including the rear of the Old Opera House, Brinks BOQ (1966 and 2007), Old Saigon Opium Factory (1910s, 1920s and 2007), former ASA Hotel 1963 and 2007 (former 3rd Radio Research Unit Quarters 1961), and Tran Hung Dao Statue (1972). Then with each of the following parts of the series we’ll be travelling around the central city area of Saigon and Cholon. Then travel to areas outside of Saigon and back to Tan Son Nhut Airport for departure from Vietnam.

Each of us lived in Saigon at different times during the years from the mid-1950’s to 1975. Because of the span of time we lived in Saigon, different parts of the series will mean more to each of us … but, they will all trigger memories and experiences of your time in Saigon.

Enjoy …

A Born To Wander Production

What are your memories of the Brinks?

Do you recall what the old opium factory was while you lived in Saigon? If so, what are your memories of it? Or, did you even know about the opium factory?

In the future I’ll be doing an article with pictures and the history of the opium factory. A very interesting part of history during French Colonial days of Vietnam and how the French financed the French-Vietnam War with the opium trade headquartered in Cap St-Jacques at the time.

What are your memories of Hai Ba Trung Street?

Stay tuned for Part 10 in a few days … it only gets better 🙂

As always, you are welcome to leave your comments below.


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