September 2023
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Diesel burns while Fire Fighters Eat Ice Cream!

With the arrival of Spring and warm weather, it’s time to plant the garden, flower beds, mow the lawns, and prune the trees and shrubs. So, I got out the yard and garden power equipment to service for the beginning of the season. This meant fuel was needed for the equipment. So, off I go to run some errands around town and fill up the gas cans.

As I’m driving into a little strip mall to pick up some parts from a lawn mower service, I notice there are 3 BIG fire trucks in the parking lot. Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind is … there must have been a fire.  WRONG!

I get out of my car and enter the mower service shop, which happens to be next door to a Dairy Queen shop. I get my parts, then as I’m leaving I ask the owner of the mower shop if there was a fire. He replies “No, they are eating ice cream next door.” The owner walks outside with me saying, “At least they could turn off the engines to the fire trucks or all come over in one car!”

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Here sits 3 BIG fire trucks in the parking lot of the Dairy Queen with engines running … burning up diesel at $5.00 per gallon … while 7 Fire Fighters are sitting inside the Dairy Queen eating ice cream.

Hmm … could this be part of the reason the Village wants to raise taxes this year?  … Talk about ‘waste’ of our tax dollars!

Now I don’t have a problem with Fire Fighters stopping by the Dairy Queen to enjoy some ice cream. BUT, at least they could turn off the engines of the fire trucks while they are enjoying their ice cream. Particularly, with the HIGH COST OF FUEL at the moment. Dang expensive trip to the Dairy Queen if you ask me … Ice Cream $1.97 … Diesel to eat ice cream $37.00 (I’ll assume they were in route to or from the Fire Station when they stopped at the Dairy Queen, and not factor in the cost of diesel to get to the Dairy Queen).  🙂

Yep, I think I’ll attend the Village Meeting coming up next week and pose the question to our Mayor and Fire Chief … being the Rebel Rouser I am … LOL  🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I have the highest regard for all our Public Safety folks. And, support them 100%.

Hmm … maybe they just inhaled too much smoke at the last fire … that cause them to ‘forget’ to turn off the engines … but, then that would make me wonder what kind of smoke would cause them to experience short term memory loss … LOL

I hope  they remembered not to lock the fire truck doors with the keys in the ignition … could get interesting if they did … LOL … add cost of locksmith to the cost of eating ice cream …

So, I leave the Dairy Queen and drive over to the gas station to fill up the gas cans. Pull up to the pump. Get out the gas cans. Unscrew the caps. Get out my gas credit card … slide it into the slot on the pump … then … screen reads “Expired Card” … OH S**T! … I forgot to put my new card, that came last week, in my wallet.  Use the VISA instead. Fill the cans. Came home. Took a nap.

Ahhhh some days are interesting … LOL

Soooo have you had any fun interesting experiences lately while out and about??? … tell us all about them …. LOL


PS: I won’t get into the story about the Police Officer who shot himself in the foot while giving the ‘concealed weapon’ Certification Training Class!

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