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By Mimi

I like this forum, the way it is, and I do not see why we should switch to Facebook.

First of all, I am not on facebook. My son tried to register me, and then I received 200 messages from unknown people who wanted to be my friend. It totally turned me off and I asked him to erase my profile.

Second, we can send whatever pictures we want on this Saigon kids site already.

And third, there are already too few people who contribute to this site, why spread the jam on too many toasts?

Anyway, I wish you all happy holidays and most of all a healthy year.

And big hugs to you Bob with a thousand thanks for all the work you do for us.

Xxxx Mimi

Admin Note: Peter Burnell mentioned in his Christmas Letter to Saigon Kids he has set up a Saigon Kids Facebook page.

Above are Mimi’s thoughts about Facebook.

What are your thoughts, views and opinions about establishing a Saigon Kids presence on Facebook (and other social media sites)?

Please leave your thoughts in the Comments section below.


8 comments to Facebook

  • Peter Brownell

    Just a quick note. The Face Book page is certainly not new. It was set up about three and a half years ago (April 2008). Absolutely not suggesting that anyone should ever even look at that page if they don’t want to. Just wanted to pass on that it is just another way to keep in touch. I know there are many who don’t ever use Face Book, but there are others who do. Hope everyone has a happy and safe new year. Best – Peter Brownell, Williston, VT

  • Molly Greene

    How does one join the Fb page?

  • I am not a Saigon Kid, but I was in Vietnam as a soldier, 1967-68 era. I have very mixed feelings about Facebook too, especially its unilateral changes. It is increasingly less user friendly and more demanding of one’s time. It is also increasingly glitzy. The latest imposed renovation of everyone’s page into a “Timeline” hopes to give each person’s “page” a magazine atmosphere. As in pow pow pow. Also, my generation (I’m in my 60s) tends not to be on Facebook. But … I recognize it may be akin to fighting “progress” to dismiss it totally, though I’m tempted. On the positive side, I HAVE reconnected with many colleagues and distant friends, friends who’ve moved away, etc. Few of my Army buddies are on it, but their wives are. Facebook has its uses. Sorry to equivocate. I’m honestly of two minds about it, and wrestle with that same question myself.

    Switching subjects if I may. Ron Ryan inspired this question from me to you. Would you be willing to share some memories of Saigon? After Vietnam, I was in book publishing for many years. Like 40, at which point I turned to writing myself. My second novel, Red Flags, is just out. It’s set in the highlands in ’66. However, the next one is set in 1963 in Saigon, where I spent very little time. I know the Cercle Sportif, your dances there, your school, the Majestic Hotel, and some of you, all from research. I would love to hear your reminiscences. You often make reference to your years there but without much detail. I guess this is a plea for you to share what you witnessed — the places, the events — and what you felt. Forgive me for pointing out the obvious: Your histories are part of History, and only you know that part of it. I urge you to put that on this site (and/or Facebook). It needs to be somewhere so it won’t be lost.
    Juris Jurjevics sohojj [@] aol.com

    • Hi Juris,

      Thank you for your feed back and contribution. In regards to Saigon Kids’ memories and stories of their time in Saigon, there are many, many such stories already on this blog site. But, due to the nature of how blogs function (Posts and Comments) people’s stories are scattered all over the place. While a bit time consuming, the easiest way to find them is to start at the top of the Categories Menu and read the Posts (and related Comments) under each Category.

      I fully agree with you (and appreciate your encouragement) that *our* individual histories are to date an *untold* part of History which need to be documented – while we are all still on this Earth. It seems everything else about the Vietnam era has been beat to death over the years, but the *dependent children* (Saigon Kids) have been passed over. What a shame!

      When I get a few minutes I’ll recap your comments above into a Post on the blog – and, plea for Saigon Kids to come forward with more of their stories, etc.

      Have a great New Year!


  • Molly Greene

    There are 2 “Saigon Kids”: “American Community School Saigon Kids” and “Saigon Kids”. Perhaps they could merge?

    • Hi Molly,

      Actually, there are 6 Saigon Kids and/or American Community School pages on Facebook that I’m aware of – could even be more. None of them are *stand alone* Facebook accounts. They all are Facebook *Groups* which people with Facebook accounts registered under their real name have created as part of their individual Facebook account. Hence, they can not be merged without violating Facebook’s User Agreement and Terms of Service, etc. Anyone who has an active Facebook account registered under their real name can create *groups* within their account. Groups are like little social circles are in real life. For example I have my group of friends in real life that like fishing and another bunch of friends that like woodworking. On Facebook I could set up separate *groups* for “fishing buddies” and “woodworking buddies”. Facebook allows you to set up separate *groups* of friends based on common interests. Each *group* can have up to 5000 members.

      As part of the on going upgrading of this blog site that I’m doing, I have it on my *To Do List* to create and register a Facebook account as an extension of this blog site. Once it is set up and approved by Facebook for activation, I’ll *link* it to the other 6 existing Saigon Kids/American Community School *group* pages others have created in their Facebook accounts. This will in essence merge them all together and be in compliance with Facebook’s User Agreement and Terms of Service, etc.

      I’ll also be doing the same thing with the other main Social Media and Networking sites, such as Google+, Tweeter, YouTube, etc.

      Wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year filled with many, many blessings.


  • Peter Brownell

    I think if you type in “Saigon Kids” into the Face Book search box you will only get one group called just “Saigon Kids”. There is another called “American Community School Saigon Kids” and several others called something like “Kids Club Saigon” There are about 30 people currently subscribed to the group and about 20 pictures. Clearly a very small subset of the participants on this web site. Clearly I’m very lucky these days in that I have the time to periodically check both the Facebook group and the postings to this website. Both great resources.

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