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Father Crawford’s Kids

by Frank Stoddard (ACS)

Father Crawford Kids

Father Crawford Kids (Circa 1960/70s). Frank Stoddard Collection. Submitted by Frank Stoddard. CLICK IMAGE for LARGER VIEW

Bob and I have been in contact with a young lady who was part of the Father Crawford’s Kids airlift of 1975.

I have several emails from her, but still have not found out if we can post her emails.

She is very thankful to Father Crawford for saving her. She looks at him as her savior.

She has a college degree and lives and works near a foster parents town in the Los Angels area.

She is single and still very aware of her beginnings.

I will update you when she allows it.

She said she has kept in very close contact with other Father Crawford Kids.

I think, many of us will never escape Vietnam!

As Frank mentioned, we have been corresponding with her. She was very young when she was brought to the USA and doesn’t remember much about her early years here, but some of the older kids who came with her have been able to fill her in on those early years.

One of her request was for more information about the journey from Viet Nam and resettlement in the USA. We are making arrangements to put her in contact with people who can assist her.

Also, she has asked that we post more articles, documents and photographs related to Father Crawford’s airlift of the children to the USA and their resettlement, which is in the process of implementation.

We’ve invited her and the other children to join our Saigon Kids *family* as the newest found branch of our Saigon Kids family.

I’m sure some of you have often wondered, as I have, how Father Crawford’s Kids fared in the USA and where they are today. We now know.

Over the next several weeks we’ll be posting more about their journey to the USA and resettlement. As well as, their lives here since.


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