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Frankie and The Teenagers off to Europe

Frank is once again off on his annual trip to Europe with a group of teenage students.

As you’ll recall last year he sent pictures as they travelled around Europe. He’ll be doing it again this year.

So stay tuned to see what interesting places they visit this year.

Click the *Headline* above to follow Frank’s travels and view pictures.

7 comments to Frankie and The Teenagers off to Europe

  • Frank makes it to Berlin … Rough life … !!!

    Frank in Berlin 2010

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    Berliner Kendl isn’t the best German beer, but its better than US BUD…..Ken

  • This just in from Frank in Germany …

    My friend Carlos and I arrived at the Phoenix Airport at 4:00am Monday morning (June 7th) for our yearly trek of taking teenagers to Europe.

    This year we have 20 students.

    Everyone arrived and our plane took off on time.

    We landed in Newark to catch a direct flight to Berlin. When we lifted off at the Newark airport we could see the beautiful skyline of New York. We could even see the Statue of Liberty through the right side windows. This was the first time that I saw the city since 9-11. The missing towers made it look so different.

    We just had out first good night of sleep followed by a terrific German breakfast.

    This morning we’ll tour Berlin with a stop at check-point Charlie. I have not been there since my wife and I went through it over 25 years ago.

    I’ll let you know about it. Again, on the BlackBerry … excuse errors … big thumbs … little keys … little mind! – LOL – 🙂


    German breakfast with Frank – 🙂

    German Breakfast with Frank

    Check-point Charlie … has kind of a carnival atmosphere now … the day seems to be forgotten about what a serious place this used to be.

    Frank at Check Point Charlie German

    Bratwurst and beer. First brat in! Is it good. Where are the teenagers we are supposed to chaperone?

    Frank brats and beer

    Touring Dresden! This traveling is wearing me out…We are only here a few hours and on to Prague. Dresden is a beautiful city.. took a lot of work to restore from what the fire bombing did in 1945.

    Frank in Dresden Germany

    June 15th – This just in from Frank in Europe

    …been on the go! To bed at 12 or 1 and up at 5.

    We went to Prague which is a magnificent city. The people do not smile much … seem a little down … and I think they are going through “capitalism” growing pains. They still think they need to “rip” people off to get ahead. We had great food and drink.

    We headed to Nuremburg. I was so pleased that it was as nice as I’d remembered it. A farmer’s market was in the main square. Gosh, what a delightful city. Again good food and beer.

    Frank in Nuremburg

    Munich! What can I say. The oompa loompa music was playing and the beer got even better. Even though we walk all over the place … the food might be piling on.

    Frank Munich

    We also went to Dachau. The kids became very sober. It is one of those places that has an everlasting impact on the mind.


    Dauchau Furnances

    Took a bus to Innsbrook and spent a few hours. The temperature was terrific after sweltering in Prague … yes it was hot and humid. The last time I’d been in Prague it was in a November and I’d frooze my tail off.

    We are now in Switzerland. We are at a hotel several kilometers out of Lucerne. We are on a hillside overlooking a lush valley. It is so country, one can smell the cow mamure. It reminds me of my grandma’s farm back in Idaho.

    Tomorrow we get up at three and take a high speed train to Paris.

    Breakfast on a train to Paris.

    Frank breakfast on train to Paris

    Ah Paris … what a wonderful city. We will be here until Saturday. Bob, I promise I’ll have a glass of wine for you … well on second thought … what about five?

    [ Frank – I think you had too much wine for breakfast. If you recall, you promised you’d send me a sweet French lady (with 5 bottles of wine) to take care of me in my old age – LOL. Hmmm? Frank, have you been up to your handy work again? … I can just verily make it out, but I’m almost possitive I see the words “The Eyes Of Novick Are Upon You” across the top of the Eiffel Tower. Ya’ know Frank, that is not a water tower … umm … and, how many glasses of wine have you had!?! – LOL … Bob 🙂 ]

    Eiffel Tower

    Having our last lunch in Paris … we leave tomorrow morning.

    My wife only emails me every few days. I don’t understand why for I often send her pictures of me … eating and drinking.

    The weather … has been perfect … but looking forward to getting home.

    Last Lunch In Paris

    Our kids (students) have been the best we have ever had. They are a lot of fun to be around. As long as Carlos and I do not catch a reflection … we feel younger.

    Ah yes … we do get tired and even though we love these trips … we will also be glad to get home and rest our weary bones.


  • Ruth Matteson Blackmore


    Good thing you showed us some pictures of the kids or I would have thought you just made up some story to tour Europe and drink!

    My son and I toured some of Europe last November and just loved Paris. I hadn’t been there since I was in sixth grade when I lived in Vienna, Austria.

    Let me know when you need a female supervisor on one of these trips.


  • Frank

    I arrived home about midnight on Saturday. I must say that I was totally exhausted and glad to be home. The trip was a very good experience for everyone. At the last dinner, Carlos and I bought escargot for all the kids that wanted to taste them. It was fun watching them!
    We only had two experiences that we could go without. The first one was when a French couple standing near the Subway track accidentally dropped their cell phone. It bounced once and went onto the track. One of our athletic female students, thinking she was a good Samaritan, jumped down onto the subway track and retrieved their phone. I must say my heart skipped a beat…and I said a few words…But all turned out well.
    The second thing that happened was when Carlos and I were getting on the last subway to our hotel on our last night in Paris. The students had gone ahead of us for we had stopped at a store. The subway platform was almost empty and the train coming in had few passengers. Just as we stepped on the train two nice looking young girls (about 20 to 24 years old) bumped into Carlos and got between him and me. I thought that they were acting strange with so much room in the car.. I made eye contact with one and then they both backed off the train and the door closed. Carlos instantly knew his wallet was gone. He had it in his right front pocket. He lost about 300 euros, two credit cards, bankcard, retired military I.D., driver’s license, teacher I.D. and everything else one puts in a wallet. Fortunately he had his passport and a friend still with him.
    Aside from being extremely upset, within 10 minutes he had his wife on the phone. She canceled out all their cards and bank account within minutes (The age of cell phones have some good things about it). We then spent the next few hours returning to the stop where it took place, searching through the garbage cans, and going to the police station. The police were very polite, but there is little they can do. We were told it is part of organized crime out of Romania. They not only want a person’s money, but they want to steal people’s identity. Carlos has “life-lock”, so hopefully that will help protect him.
    Yes, Carlos (I mentioned in an early posting that he lost his older brother Frank to a snipers bullet in Vietnam) and I still love Paris…. and we plan to return next year.
    Ah yes Ruthie, the food and drink were exceptional…and there has been some trips that after some students actions I thought I’d never return. This year they were all super! I also placed my foot on that brass plate in front on Notre Dame that guarantees my return to the city of Love!!
    Side note…Bob thanks for the blog and sorry you have had problems with some folks. You do enough work, where someone’s negativism is not necessary. Also glad to hear that Melanie has someone like you to watch over her.

    • Frank – Good to hear you made it home safely. So, do you have *flash backs* to the days of your, sometimes mischievous, youth when one of the students on these trips misbehaves – LOL – you know what they say about *pay back* – 🙂

      Thank you for once again sharing your travels with all us Saigon Kids. I’m sure everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

      Thank you for your continuing support of the Blog and our Saigon Kids family – much appreciated by all.

      I was sorry to hear of Calos’ unfortunate experience in the Subway. I suppose it was a good thing he had you with him, as girls always did run away after looking at you … ha ha ha … I think Bo Diddley made a song about that, didn’t he!?! – 🙂

      Rock Onnnn … my friend!


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