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Glenn Parker Joins Blog …

Glenn, Mike Parker’s older brother has join our Blog. Glenn was at ACS in the 1959/61 time frame.

WELCOME HOME – Glenn!! 🙂

Everyone give Glenn a BIG WELCOME!!

Glenn has shared several comments around the blog. He is on a Quest to locate Bootsie McMains. So if anyone has any information about her, please let us know by leaving it in the Comments section below.

Glenn the next time you visit the Blog, if you have not already, be sure to:

Register on the Blog by CLICKING HERE so you can benefit from all the features.

Subscribe to our “The Saigon Gecko” Newsletter by CLICKING HERE.

Register in our Photo Gallery and share some photographs by CLICKING HERE.

Also, if you’ve not already done so, please contact Roy by CLICKING HERE and ask him to add you to our Saigon Kids “Directory” and give you a Password to access it.

I’m sure Glenn has some wonderful memories to share with us about Saigon and the school back in the ‘good ole days’ … right, Glenn!?!     🙂

Visit often, Glenn and keep those sweet sweet Saigon memories alive.


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  • Admin

    The “33-SKIA” team has done it again. Bootsie McMains has now been found and is in contact with Glenn and Suellen. Also, her brothers have been found and pointed to our Saigon Kids ‘family’ … 🙂

    For those of you who don’t already know – 33-SKIA – is the “Ba Muoi Ba – Saigion Kids Intelligence Agency”. It was founded in Saigon on the CLOD believe that all information could be ‘sniffed out’ through mass consumption of Ba Muoi Ba Beer. Which has been repeatedly re-proven for over 50 years now – LOL – 🙂

    And, as you’ll recall, if anyone wanted to know anything in Saigon the fastest way to find out was to just ask a Saigon Kid – and within seconds (sometimes faster then the speed of light) Saigon Kids had the information wanted – which could usually be had for a ‘contribution’ to the Ba Muoi Ba fund – LOL – 🙂

    Rock Onnnnn … Saigion Kids


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