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Hi Everyone

I may the the oldest Kid here now.

I was in Saigon in 1958 to April of 1959 and attended most of my 9th grade in a Quanset hut.

We left for Bangkok in April where I spent the rest of my glorious high school years.

I remember Saigon fondly; travels from there to swim in the South China Sea, visits to potters making celadon ware.

Great memories.

Ellen Schaefer

[Admin Note: Welcome Ellen. It’s great to have you join us. I think you might be the 2nd oldest one here. There is another guy who was in Saigon around 1955/56 if I remember correctly.

Feel free to share you memories and experiences with everyone 🙂

The next time you visit please login and fill out the information requested on your Profile Page. Once you’ve entered all the information click on the “Update” button at the bottom of the page. Thank you – 🙂 – Bob ]

2 comments to Hi Everyone

  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    Dear Elizabeth~
    I, too, was in the ninth grade in the quonset hut from summer 1958-59. We must have been in the same class. Do you have a picture of yourself from Saigon days? I, too, remember going with the high school gang by school bus to spend the day at Long Hai that year. Memorable for me as I thought I had been bitten by a deadly sea snake when in actuality it was a jelly fish sting.
    Glad you have been reconnected to the Saigon Kids.

  • Mike Gutter

    Hi Suellen and Elizabeth,

    I was there from ’57-59 but unfortunately I wasn’t in the 9th grade. I was in the 6th and 7th grade. But I remember those hot Quanset hut nevertheless. While in the 7th grade my family lived across the street from Ambassabor Durbrow, the US Ambassador. I just recently was able to get my hand on the picture and slides from VietNam and hope to be able to scan them and share them with y’all later next year.

    Mike Gutter nee Sterner (the eldest of the 4 Sterner girls)

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