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Kinh Do Theater Saigon – Now Playing: Man Of The Month – Ho Chi Minh

Welcome to Saturday At The Movies with Saigon Kids.

This week we’re at the Kinh Do Theater in old Saigon since this film is about the leader of the people who were responsible for the bombing of the theater.

This film is from the 1960s TV show “The Twentieth Century” regular feature “Man Of The Month” narrated by Walter Cronkite airing in 1966.

This film is a biography of Ho Chi Minh (commonly known as Uncle Ho), political activities of the time, the French defeat, and Viet-nam during the mid-1960s.

At the time of the filming Ho Chi Minh was 75 years old living in Hanoi.

Producer: The National Archives and Records Administration, National Security Council, Central Intelligence Agency (09/18/1947 – 12/04/1981).

This film was made possible by a donation from James Jacobs.

The film provides an interesting perspective of the events leading up to the Viet-nam era, the country and it’s people. As well as, some insight about Ho Chi Minh’s main purpose – and, perhaps why today he is regarded as the George Washington of Viet-nam.

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Enjoy 🙂


3 comments to Kinh Do Theater Saigon – Now Playing: Man Of The Month – Ho Chi Minh

  • Burt Parker

    Very interesting and educational! Thanx.



  • Sarah J Rogers

    Enjoyed this ‘movie at the Kihn Do’. Thanks Bob. I recently viewed a couple DVD’s that my Vietnamese jeweler loaned me. They were all in VN of course but had to do with events that we are all familiar with-Tet Offensive, President Diem and they could be easily followed. He was trying to learn VN history and I was just reviewing it as I had been part of much of it!

    • Aloha Sarah – Yes, Viet-nam has a veryyyyyy interesting history once you start traveling back through it. So far I’ve gone back about 2,000 years. It is kind of interesting to note that since the end of the Viet-nam War (American War) is the first time in several hundred years the Vietnamese people have actually been in total control of their country under complete Vietnamese rule – which appears to have been Ho Chi Minh’s sole purpose. It is also interesting to note in this film that Ho Chi Minh does not appear to have been a hard core Communist, but just utilized support and resources of Communist countries to farther his cause and purpose of the Vietnamese people ruling their own country. Any means to an end result – perhaps.

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