February 2023
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Patricia Bingham finds Saigon Kids

Patricia (Pat) Bingham has been located and made contact with our Saigon Kids family.

WELCOME Pat!!!     🙂

Great having you back with the our Saigon Kids and American Community School family!

Feel free to share your memories and Saigon experiences with everyone by making Posts to the Blog and leaving Comments to other’s Posts.

Everyone give Pat a BIG WELCOME!!!      🙂

Pat, please see the email I sent you about how to get plugged into the group and connect with everyone.

Again, welcome!!


3 comments to Patricia Bingham finds Saigon Kids

  • Mike Erickson

    Hi Bob. Checked my Yahoo e-mail this morning and there was a message from Pat asking me how to get in contact with you all. Apparently, Pat has contacted you. I had contacted her yesterday about the blog and website. She was fairly easy to find. I just searched “Pat” Bingham and Saigon, rather than Patricia Bingham and Saigon. From the frequent people searches I have done, I learned that people often use abbreviated versions of their first name.

    • Admin

      Mike – Thank you for your help in locating Pat and her sisters. I’m sure Sandy, Tom, Pat, Judy and Janis will have a wonderful Thanksgiving catching up on Saigon Days and Times with each other … what a wonder Thanksgiving “Blessing” your efforts have give them – 🙂


  • Sandy Hanna

    Pat, Judy, Janis and I have reconnected and we are all planning to make the 2012 reunion. What a blast we had going down memory lane. We’ll be connecting hopefully in person before then and want to thank everyone for the help in finding these folks. Sandy

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